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Merry Christmas

Beginning to look like Christmas

Listia Auction Site

Time for Thanks

Dr. Conrad Murray Guilty and other thoughts

Fall on the Farm

Exotic Animals Loose In Ohio

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Labor Day Weekend

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

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New Pony

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Ready For Week to Begin

Hot Day But Two Ribbons

Another Ribbon

4-H in full force

Reminder of God's Grace

Camping Preparations

4-H Create A Mix Project


Life on the Funny Farm

French Onion Meatloaf

New Goals

Still praying for Lauren

Missing Indiana University Student

Not forgotten

Time4Learning Review

Mad! Still Mad! Even Madder!

New Farm Animals

Friday Farm Report

The Schedule

my day

Busy Day

Super Bowl

Surviving The Storm

Winter Storm

Farm Life

Woke Up By a Ringing Phone


A Day of Honor- Martin Luther King

Early Morning Thoughts

More Snow Coming

16 Years and never good weather

Snowy Day

Beginning the Week

Tough Loss for Indianapolis Colts

Thursday Jan. 6

Busy Day

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Indianapolis Colts Advance

New Years Day