As I was writing on another site today, I wrote something without giving much thought to what i was saying and then proofreading it, I realize how important what I had said was. It was a discussion about television remotes and how no one gets up to change the channels anymore and yet, we can get irritated if we have to change the channel with the remote to see something else.
I had commented that I grew up without a remote television and that I get irritated as my husband is constantly changing the channels or going to the guide to see what else is on as it is so convient with that remote. I also noted that I grew up without a washer and dryer so that I knew the hardship of doing laundry by hand and that I tried to always be thankful that I no longer have to do that and try not to complain about the laundry. Wow! Being thankful for laundry, I would never have thought that I would say that.
I personally really do not like doing the laundry as it is one of those chores that is required to be done almost daily in our home. However, after reading that comment that I made, I realized that I can't complain as I have a machine that really does the work for me. All I have to do is pour detergent and softner in and add the clothes. Then I move them to the dryer and then I fold them or hang them up. What do I have to complain about? Nothing when it comes to this subject at all.
I must add that I am thankful that God allows us to have these moments that we learn something so small to be thankful for and that He gives us the ability to be thankful. What are you truly thankful for today?


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