Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Each year as the weather begins to hint at spring and summers' arrival, I begin to get the urge to rid the house of all the dust, mud, and signs of winter weather. Time to open windows and allow the fresh air to replace the stale that winter has left us with. The urge to clean the mess left by heating with wood and yesterday, I done just that. Spring Cleaning!

The day began with just a normal cleaning day but after 9 hours of non stop cleaning, I realized that I had done much of what I usually reserve for a later date as we are not experiencing spring at the moment. I was not able to air the house out as it was too cold to have the doors and windows open, but I was able to let the storm door be open and allow some sunshine in. Sure wish we had it today!

I was able to mop and do some deep cleaning. I changed the items on my wall and added some new pictures that I had been given at Christmas time and just had not found time to get put up. I placed two new horse signs in my bathroom. and one that says " Life Is A Journey, Enjoy The Ride" on it just above my file cabinet so that I see it each day that I am at my computer. It reminds me that life is short and we need to enjoy it and not concentrate so much on the stuff we can't change. Also, we need to realize what makes us happy and concentrate on that. Work is necessary but we should not allow it to control our lives and it has taken me a long time to realize that.

My wish for each of you today is to enjoy the special small moments and do something that you enjoy this week. It is supposed to warm up and if it does I am going to enjoy a ride with my horse.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Evening Thoughts

Warmer temps have melted most of the snow that we had a week or so ago and Mother Nature has left us with mud everywhere. The ground is so saturated with water that it can not hold another drop. Mud covers everything and the ground is like a giant sponge soaking it up while remaining wet and squishy.

Walking anywhere on the farm is next to impossible. No matter where you place your feet, there is mud. Shoes and boots are covered, which leads to mud inside as well as outside. Floors can be cleaned several times a day and yet, you will for sure see a spot somewhere that was missed in the last cleaning or that has just been tracked in by someone.

With rain in the forecast for several days this week, it is only going to be worse. As a kid, I am sure I would have greatly enjoyed this mud but mud pies are no longer an enjoyable experience for me. Now, I must clean it up and that is no fun. I would love to see the sun shine and dry things up for a few days, but until that happens we will continue to walk around feeling like pigs that are playing in the mud or taking a very expensive mud bath for free if we fall in it. Maybe I should charge for people to come and wallow around in the mud and claim that it will make you look and feel younger.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturfay Morning Tidbits

Saturday morning is here and that means a couple of days off to most working people. However, for me this weekend, it is only one day off and a real busy day off at that. I work at my second job tomorrow and I will be there all day. UGH!!

The nice thing about a weekend like this is that the weather is changing. Forecasts are that the temperatures are going to be in the 40's and 50's most of this week and that means the snow will melt and we will be seeing floods and mud everywhere. The mud is what I don't care to see. I won't be affected by flooding, but I hate to see anyone lose their home. I, however, have to fight the mud daily. I guess it is time to find my Muck boots so that I can walk around without ruining my other boots.

Tonight is the night to change your clocks if you take part in daylight savings time. We do and so we will spring ahead an hour tomorrow morning at 2 a.m. I will change ours tonight before we go to bed. It means I will have to adjust to the change. I know that it should not really cause any issues, but with my sleep pattern a huge mess anyway, this change does cause an issue.

Since my day is a busy one, I am cutting this short today. I will be returning soon. I hope to post some new photos soon. Have a blessed day!

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