Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Pony and I

This is not a great photo of me, but it is showing me with my favorite pony, Miss Fancy Pants. She is a quarter pony and I love her so much! She rides wonderful and always does what you ask of her. She was my replacement after I decided to get rid of my older horse, Stormy.
Stormy was getting to be unpredictable and would like to try to pin you between her and the trailer or the rail when you were trying to cinch her up to ride. She was always good on the trail, but it was so hard to get her ready and getting dangerous with the way she was acting. We made the decision to give her a new home and purchased this pony. I was not sure of whether I wanted a pony as they have a tendency to be ornery, but she was a good choice for me.
Of course, Stormy was the replacement for Tyson. He was the love of my life (sorry dear husband) but he was failing in health and just was not able to recover from a stifle joint injury. He was such a sweet horse and so willing to learn and do, but he just was older and not capable of doing what he needed, plus he was suffering when you would try to get him to walk much.
Fancy has been a good fit in our family. I have other horses that I ride, but this is my favorite of those on the farm now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Spring that wonderful time of year when the trees and flowers begin to bloom, baby animals begin to arrive, the weather begins to warm even when the mornings may be cool. It is a beautiful time of year and as the sun is rising here on the farm at 6:30 in the morning, it seems that the days are just more beautiful now than ever before.
 Most of us in the US had a long, cold, snowy winter and so it is nice to enjoy some of the warmth that we are having. As I was outside yesterday moving around, I noticed that many of our trees have cocoons in them and one tree that I can see outside the window has 7 of them in it. I also noticed yesterday that there are many small worms everywhere and I wondered what will come from the cocoons and if they are the reason we have so many worms out.
 We have a few new animals on the farm. We were lucky enough to purchase a couple of new turkeys last week and we also have purchased three new Silkie chickens and 2 fan tailed pigeons. The pigeons are very interesting birds and I am excited to have them. I really don't know much about them, but I will learn.
 The Silkies are such interesting chickens and just beautiful. They almost look as though they are covered with long , silky hair instead of feathers. They are also the most docile of the chicken breeds, so they are a little more friendly than you would expect. We are currently looking for hens as the ones we have are roosters.
Well, I must get to work. My daughter is starting a new job today and I must say that I am excited about that!

Mother's Day

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