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My Thoughts and Being Questioned by Police

I have been very silent here lately and mostly due to having to have some time to think and recollect on life. I needed some time to look at life from my own standpoint and not allow the craziness in the world to affect my thoughts, beliefs, or my attitude. 2020 has been a year that I feel like we are slowly losing who we are as human beings to things like Corona Virus, riots, protestors, racial divide and inequality, etc.  My biggest question is are we not American's and are we not all human? Are we not all governed by the same laws as well as the same flag that flies over many buildings, ball fields, and in many yards? Do we not all bleed the same color? Can we not respect that we are all a little different and that is what makes America "the melting pot" that so many of our immigrants desired and would chance a loss of life to come too in many cases?  Why do we have to be so racially divided? There are white criminals the same as black criminals, there are Asian crimin