Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020 Christmas

I pray that you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you the best in the New Year. Christmas 2020 looked different for many families as CO-Vid 19 remains in our everyday lives and has taken so many loved ones from families this year. It seems that I am hearing of so many people testing positive in just the past few weeks. It is sad that many families are not able to be with their loved ones when they are passing from this world to their forever home. 

Many family members have not seen parents, grandparents, and other relatives that are either in a nursing home or hospital struggling with the loneliness that we have all struggled with as part of the quarantine to keep ourselves safe and healthy. Many families did not get together in traditional form for the holidays due to the spike in cases recently. It makes for a very different or sad, in some cases, holiday season. Many adult children work in fields that are considered high risk positions, especially to their elderly parents. Many adults realize that this virus has taken so much from families and could take more if not contained in some way. 

Politics and the virus as well as many other political issues have caused stress on families this year as well and at a time, we need each other the most, it seems that many are growing farther apart. Due to being scared of the virus, not believing it is as bad as others due, or feeling the effects of an election that will certainly go down in history as a real political nightmare, families are being divided and we need to realize that none of these things matter. What matters is that we love one another and we find a different way to connect with others. 

Many elderly parents or relatives do not use computers or cell phones so a quick Zoom meeting or other form of communication is not a possibility. It is sad that our lives have come to these types of communication, but they have. We must find a way to eliminate some of the fear and loneliness that they are feeling. Maybe a card, a call, a window visit, or some other creative way, but we must do it. Keep the holiday spirit alive and show your love to those that are at a very vulnerable time in their lives!

Christmas 2020 may be different but let's make it magical in some new form or fashion!!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

More Surgery Updates

Surgery went very well with the granddoll this week and I am so blessed by those of you that remembered her and I in your prayers. I am happy to say that I believe this will be her last surgery and I am hoping we may have her last appointment with this doctor in March. Praise God for His miracles and blessings!!

My update from the surgeon on Thursday was not as good as I had hoped. He said my x-rays look good, but he is very concerned that the swelling has not gone down any, but seems to keep swelling. I am keeping it elevated and iced as I can, but it just doesn't seem to be helping. I am thankful that in a week, I get to remove the bulky bandage and that I can sleep without the surgical boot on. I will need a compression tube on it during the day as well as the boot. 

I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away. We are not prepared at all. I still have gifts to buy and things to do and nothing is wrapped at all. UGH! I will make it happen though- one way or another. 

Have a blessed Sunday and I am leaving you just a quick reminder of what the season is all about.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Recovery, Another Surgery, and Holidays

Good Sunday Morning! I pray that God has blessed each of you this week. I am considering starting a new blog where we will concentrate on God's blessings, but I might just add it to my weekly posts as I have started a social media plan for the new year. I will be here more often as well. It is going on my daily to do list! I am making some changes in my life next year and I hope that social media becomes a way to connect with many new people!

Onto the news in our neck of the woods... my recovery is going well. I am sure missing being able to walk, but I know it will come soon enough. My husband and my daughters have been helpful, but no one cleans as I do or feels the need to have well balanced homemade meals as I do. My husband is a work acholic and feels that he must be in his garage from 9 a.m. till dark and that just is not a good plan with me here during the day. I am beginning to be very judgmental of him due to I stopped everything when he had surgery and he has not for me. I am becoming grumpy and feeling a little more depressed daily. It sure does NOT feel like the holidays to me. BOO!!!!! 

One of my new plans for the new year is to find events in nearby states that I will be able to travel to and sell my Pink Zebra items. I hope to see CO-Vid restrictions ease soon so that things are back to some sort of normal by early in the year. This year has just been a little much, even for me. I am fully aware of the dangers of this illness, but I feel that the news media has caused much fear within many people and so many parts of our life has stopped when it should just have changed a bit. ( Not wanting this to be a political post or argumentative post, just my opinion. )We lost a family friend this week due to the virus and I know many families are dealing with loved ones that have passed alone and scared and I hate that it is that way. Our families, especially the elderly, need loved ones around! 

Anyway, recovery is happening. The doctor said that it looks good, but that I am still having more swelling than he prefers. He recommends ice and rest, which I do on a regular basis. I hope the news is a bit better on Thursday. He is due to remove the pins that are in my toes this week and hopefully, things are still looking good for that. 

Another surgery is happening this week.... NOT ME, but my grand doll. For those that have followed our story, you know that she was very bowlegged and was diagnosed with Blount's Disease. This will be her third surgery and this will hopefully, be the LAST!!!! Praise God!! She is having the pins and plates removed from the left leg( which was much worst than the right) on Wednesday. Of course, it will be the first one that I have not been at the hospital with her and I am very upset over that. I am scared as I know she does not do well with waking up from the anesthesia and I hate that I can't be there with her.  Many of you remember that I about passed out the first time because she walked away with the nurse and I knew she was going into the operating room without me or her mom, plus the waiting room was so far from her. I can't imagine what this week will be as I will be over 20 miles from the hospital and I am not going to be there. This girl has my heart and if something were to happen and I was not there, I could never live with that. Prayers that surgery goes smooth and that she does well with the entire thing. My heart is breaking just typing this!!!!

Holidays are so different this year! My tree is not up and presents are not bought yet. Not all of my decorations are up and our family won't all be here at the same time this year. It is sad, but goes along with the rest of the year. I will be glad to see 2020 go, but I am a little worried about 2021. It seems as though life could not get stranger, but we all thought in March that it would be a few weeks of separation and masks and yet, here we are many weeks later and the virus is still controlling our lives.

As you go about your Sunday, if you have a quiet moment and you pray - say a special prayer that the New Year brings our lives back to a little more normal! 

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season from the Funny Farm!!

Friday, November 27, 2020

Surgery Update

 I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and was able to somehow connect with their loved ones. CO-VID has made it difficult to be with family, friends, and loved ones; however, I hope that with the creativity that I often see here, you were all able to create a way to be together.

I spend the day with my oldest daughter and her fiancé and his mom, dad, and grandma. I was able to talk to the rest of my family,  but most of them will be here Sunday to have dinner. I sure miss being home, but I am well taken care of here and I enjoy time with my daughter. Of course, being homesick has been an issue and I miss my granddoll so very, very much. She is literally my heart and soul!! 

For those that aren't aware, I had foot surgery a couple of weeks ago and I am staying with my daughter for a couple of weeks to recover, Recovery will be a few months, but I hope to go home on Sunday after we celebrate Thanksgiving. She has limited internet and limited phone service and it makes updating here and talking with my husband difficult, but I have managed. I am healing and the doctor said at my first post op appointment that things looked good. There was some swelling that he was a bit concerned about, but stated that it was normal. I see him again this Friday to have the bandages replaced and then in two more weeks, he hopes to remove stitches and the pins that are holding my toes in place. Then I will go into a boot, but still have limited mobility for a couple of months.

I miss my days of being busy! I miss my granddoll and the I am missing newborn time with the new baby. I miss my husband and I just miss home. Not that I am not in a nice place with plenty of time with my oldest but just isn't the same as home!

Christmas decor should be going up and I should be busy baking cookies, playing games with the granddoll and wrapping gifts, but those things will be very limited this year. I needed the surgery, but I am hating the recovery. Enough of my complaining though- there is much to be thankful for and I need to praise God that surgery went well and it seems as though recovery will as well.

Every stay safe and wear your masks! Prayers for all that are suffering from this horrible virus that has literally locked our country down and may continue to for awhile. Keep those around you safe and let's all remember that no matter what race we are, we are the United States of America. Politicians may try to divide us, groups that claim to care about race relations may try to divide us, but kindness starts with YOU. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Surgery Tomorrow

Hello! I have been MIA again for quite awhile due to many things happening. I wanted to let everyone know that I will be having a basic reconstruction of my foot tomorrow and will be non mobile for several weeks and truly not back on my feet for several months. 

It will be a welcomed surgery, but I am very nervous as the hospital just called and due to the increase in Covid cases here, there are no visitors allowed in with me. I had been told that my husband could be with me the entire time except in surgery. Now, no one. I have to be at the hospital for an hour and a half before surgery and then I will be in surgery for about 2 hours and then recovery for about an hour. Makes me extremely scared that I will be alone before surgery. 

I will be posting some updates following surgery, but it may be a couple of weeks as I am going to my daughter's house to recuperate. I am going to stay with her for 2 weeks and then I will return home. I don't like that arrangement really, but feel that it may be the best solution as I can' t be here alone while my husband works. 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving season and I will talk to you all soon!

Saturday, October 3, 2020

New Baby On The Farm

Good Saturday Morning! I decided that it was time that I share my news with you, my readers and friends. On Tuesday morning, I set out to deliver some Pink Zebra orders and have brunch with a friend. I expected to have a nice morning, do some work and then return home to work with my horse for a bit. 

While enjoying my brunch, my husband called ( I will admit that I thought about not answering because I was with my friend). After I said hello, he said "Bridget ( our youngest daughter- the grand doll's mom) just had a baby in the toilet. Paramedics are on their way." I just set there stunned and MAD! I had questioned her about if she was pregnant and she said no multiple times, plus I did not want another grandchild as my grand doll is certainly my second half of me. I literally said, "I will be home later" and hung up! After a few minutes of a breakdown of being so mad, I could not talk or cry. I explained to my friend what happened and she was shocked, but agreed to drive my car back to her house or to the hospital for me to give me some time to think. 

She asked if baby and mom were okay, which I didn't know and truly at the moment did not care. After a few minutes, I called my husband back and asked and he said that he thought they were. He said our daughter lost a lot of blood, but that the paramedics were here and that they were being cared for. He asked me to go to the hospital, which I really did not want to do, but  I did. 

After a couple of hours waiting in the hospital, I was allowed to go in to see both of them. My daughter did not look well and her blood pressure was extremely high, but the baby was perfectly healthy. She was 7 pounds 4 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. She has reddish brown hair and blue eyes. Beautiful, but I just am still so mad, that I don't want to bond with her. I know I will and I will love her, but it is not the same as the instant bond with the first one. 

My daughter says she is not aware that she was pregnant, but I don't believe it this time. She says that she had several pregnancy tests at the doctor, but all were negative, which I might believe as she had several negatives the last time. However, I feel that she knew and hid it. Which in turn put her life and the baby's life in danger. I don't feel she is equipped to handle two children and I am just mad.

Is it wrong to be mad? Is it wrong to not want to love this baby? Is it wrong to feel that I want her to have her tubes tied? Is it wrong to not want to help raise another one? I am praying and talking with God daily and I have faith that He put her here for some reason, but I truly have no idea as to how I am going to feel the same love that I do for the granddoll. 

She is very unprepared for this child, so I am setting up a registry for her on Amazon and hopefully, she will step up her game and be a great mom for these two children. Here is the link to her registry, if anyone would like to help her with some of the essentials. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Hello Again! Hello Fall!

Amazing how busy life can get and you truly don't realize how much time has gone by until you look. I truly am amazed that July 15th was the last time I wrote on here. I am actually shocked that it has been that long. I love my blog family and friends and just can't imagine all of the wonderful things I have not shared with you. 

The farm is going strong. We have added a few new animals since my last post. I will share them another day. Life has been crazy busy with summer being here and so many things to do around home and with the animals as well. We raised some tomatoes, potatoes and peppers this year and that was the short crop list this year as things are just to hectic at the moment. 

COVID really threw a wrench into 2020, but I have started living life outside my home and have enjoyed a few camping trips as well as a vacation with my daughter and my grand doll and I must say that it was pleasant and so much fun! Oh the energy of a 5 year old!!!

I also must say that I enjoyed a small trip to Madison, IN yesterday and if you like quaint little towns with lots of architecture and a beautiful walk along the river, this is the place for you. 
Beautiful sights like this can be seen along the river. There is a very nice walking trail here that is paved and there are several benches and swings there as well. 

There is a tour of the Lanier Mansion that you can take as well. It is on the National Registry of Historical Landmarks and very pretty inside with some great architecture to see. It is only $11 for the tour.
Here I am with a couple of my friends. 

Just look at this beautiful spiral staircase and the top opening. This can actually be opened to let warm air out of the house. Absolutely breathtaking. 

Hope you are all doing well and I will write again soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

My Thoughts and Being Questioned by Police

I have been very silent here lately and mostly due to having to have some time to think and recollect on life. I needed some time to look at life from my own standpoint and not allow the craziness in the world to affect my thoughts, beliefs, or my attitude. 2020 has been a year that I feel like we are slowly losing who we are as human beings to things like Corona Virus, riots, protestors, racial divide and inequality, etc. 

My biggest question is are we not American's and are we not all human? Are we not all governed by the same laws as well as the same flag that flies over many buildings, ball fields, and in many yards? Do we not all bleed the same color? Can we not respect that we are all a little different and that is what makes America "the melting pot" that so many of our immigrants desired and would chance a loss of life to come too in many cases? 

Why do we have to be so racially divided? There are white criminals the same as black criminals, there are Asian criminals the same as there are Mexican criminals. There are women criminals the same as there are male criminals. Is there racial profiling in the country? Of course, there is. Is there gender profiling in the country? Of course, there is. Are there reasons that we have these profiling ideas? Of course, there is.  Does your race or gender alone give the police a reason to stop you? No, I don't believe it does. BUT- Yes, there is that three letter word- BUT whether you are white, black, Asian, Mexican, Native American or any other race that walks American streets daily, you are still human and you still must legally abide by the laws that are in place. When you are stopped by an officer, you stop! You respond with respect and clear precise answers, you show identification, and you follow the orders given to you. You do NOT argue with them, act hateful or belligerent with them, reach for a gun, taser, or any other weapon of yours or theirs, you DO NOT run from them, spit on them, threaten them, or openly act like a little punk with them. Officers work hard and deal with many different types of people throughout the day, they get tired,, frustrated, and mad the same as the rest of us. MOST of them handle those emotions well and do not allow their own feelings to affect their job or the next person they deal with, but one might. Just as they are not aware of what you are feeling, you are not aware of what they are feeling. 

I have heard the word white priviledged used quite a bit recently. I am aware of the idea, but I have never been priviledged in anyway. I have worked hard, obeyed the laws, and made sure I never put myself in a situation to be harassed by the police. BUT- there it is again! Last week, I was shopping at our local Rural King, a store I go to frequently with my grand doll. As we were almost finished with our shopping, I was approached by two police officers who advised me that they were following up on a report that I left my child in the car alone. " Excuse me?" I stated with I'm sure a most confused look on my face as she was standing next to me. ( Not my child, but grand doll). He again said he was following up on a report that I left her in the car alone. " NO, I PROMISE YOU" , I stated only this time with a little more clarity and authority than before. The police proceed to ask what car I drive, if I owned the previous car that the plates are registered to, as I have not been to the license branch yet, and if I am from our town. ( Which he already is fully aware of since he has run the license plates or he would not know they were registered to an Equinox and not my current car.) By this time, I am annoyed at whomever is wasting this gentleman's time with such an ridiculous claim. Then one officer asks, " Did you possibly come into the store, get a cart and go back out to get her?" She is walking beside me, and I know the look on my face again must have been priceless, as I thought what a dumb idea that would have been. She never rides in a cart, partly due to her leg issues and she is clearly walking beside me. Why would I need to get a cart before she gets out of the car? I am truly annoyed now, but I kept my calm. The officers proceed to (almost threateningly) say "We are going to watch the tape" to which I stated,  " Good, watch the tape. I promise you that she got out of the car at the same time I did." At that time, they both walked away and it was the last I saw of them. So, although, I never put myself in a situation to be questioned by the police, I was. 

I appreciate the fact that the officers were doing their jobs, but I was annoyed and had it not have shocked me so much, I might have been on the wrong side of the law because I would have probably not as been quite so calm. Anyone that knows my relationship with my grand doll, knows that I would NEVER put her in any dangerous situation. I did not even finish my shopping that day as I was scared and did not want anyone else to question my care of her. She is my everything! This story is told to allow others to see that women, whites, all humans are sometimes stopped for doing something that we truly did not do. How we handle the situation usually determines the outcome.

I could say much more, but I will not. Let me end this by saying that I am PRO AMERICAN- not democrat or republican, not dictated by skin color, religion, etc. We all need to be productive, law abiding citizen that look out for our friends, families and those around us. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Beautiful Day

As I sit at camp, with a gentle breeze blowing and the sun beginning to break from behind the clouds, I am reminded of all of the beauty around us. The green grass bedazzled with clover, the magnificent size of some trees, the beauty of a sunrise, the beauty of white clouds against a blue sky, even just the smell of newness the morning brings. Isn't it amazing to think that God created all of this artwork for us to see?

Early mornings listening to the birds sing and chirp, squirrels scattering along the many branches of the trees, the crackle of a campfire, no traffic, no big city sounds, just nature at it's finest. How special a morning can be! Add a talk with Jesus to the mix and you have a perfect day! No riots, no protests, no murders, no bad in any way will affect the early morning here. Praise God as I truly believe we hear too much bad on the radio, television, and even this amazing net that I am writing this on. 

I will have to get photos from here today and send them to all of you. I am simply amazed by the beauty around us. I watched children ride bikes, roller skate, and even play on a swing set last evening. Kids walking and talking to parents, kids being kids and not having an electronic device attached to them and they were having fun! I truly believe that this pandemic taught many of us what is truly important in life. I think it taught many parents the meaning of teaching their children more about being outside and being able to be off the computer, electronic game, etc.

A nice elderly lady just walked by the campsite, walking with the aid of a walker, and spoke to a complete stranger. A nice smile and a " Good Morning". How special times like that are these days! Have you spoken to your neighbor recently? I know many that do not speak to their neighbors, but in the past those neighbors might have been some of your best friends. How many times do you pass an elderly person in a store or in public and not speak? Not smile? Do you realize that you could be the only person that they see today? You might be the only person that could say "HI, How are you today?" They might be wondering why their son or daughter never come to visit, why the neighbors are always in such a rush, maybe they just wonder if today is the day God will take them home because life on this earth has become lonely and void. We get caught up so many times in our own lives and the busyness that we feel we must do, that we forget that people and feelings are what truly matter! Saying Good Morning can be a lifesaver to someone that considers they have nothing to live for. 

Be a bright spot today for someone. Pay for a coffee, call an old friend, get up a bit early and sit with nature and remind yourself of all the beauty around us and the be kind! Speak to the less fortunate, speak to the elderly, chat with a neighbor! Make the day better for someone!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday Blessings - Father's Day

Welcome to Sunday Blessings! I would love for you to share your own blessing on your blog and link to this one, but I can never get the Mr. Linky link to put the box here for everyone to link too. I will gladly read any links that anyone shares in the comments below.

Blessings come each day if we are just willing to see them. Open our eyes to the many good things that happen daily and try to allow them to override the bad. I believe many times we concentrate on the negatives in life till we can't see the blessings anymore. 

These days it seems that the world has gone crazy and each day we hear more about racial divide in our country as well as the tensions in Washington, political agendas, wars, terrorism, and all the other bad in the world. The good gets overlooked, which is sad!

It doesn't matter to me what race you are, what your sexual preference is or what nationality you are, there is a place on the Earth for you, God loves you, and you are a human being the same as I am! Be a law abiding citizen and a productive member of society and treat others with respect! There truly is no reason to be so divided in this country. I may not agree with you on all aspects of life and that is perfectly okay.

For my blessing today, I want to speak of Father's Day! A day to honor the man (or woman that filled a father's role) that guided you and taught you what was expected of you in life. 

I was not blessed with a kind and loving father. My father was an alcoholic and abusive, but I learned many things from him. I learned what kind of man I would not marry! I learned that alcohol is an evil for many! I learned that my grandfather was a complete gentleman and that if all men were like him, life would be so much less complicated. 

I was blessed that my father and I were able to reconnect after many years and he had stopped drinking and we had a decent relationship.Memories made it hard to forgive him and I could never forget what he had done, but I was able to move on and have a relationship with him. 

I am blessed to have the man walking beside me in life that has been a good father to our children. He adopted our oldest at 8 years old and has taught her so many things. He has helped our youngest at times that he truly was so mad he wanted to beat her, but he was able to realize that life doesn't always go as planned and that he had to get past the anger to move ahead and enjoy life as it was. 

He has a son that has grown into a wonderful young man. He is respectful, hard working, and very determined to make a good life for himself. I am so proud of him. His dad was not always in his life due to no reason on his own, but he still has a great respect for his dad and knows that life threw challenges, which Dad overcame and has now written out of his life completely. 

To all the fathers out there, may I say Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Erasing History

Dec. 1, 19555 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a city bus - Her one choice began a movement, the Civil Rights Movement, which led to African American people being allowed the same freedoms as white citizens and led to Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I Have A Dream" speech in 1963. 

In the 1830's, the white man removed many American Indians from their land and moved them to land within the United States that had been identified as "Indian land". This move, known as the Trail of Tears was a forced removal of these Indians from the land that they knew as home and the trip was brutal , leaving many starving and sick along the way. Many of the Indians died before ever reaching their new home. 

In 1619, a private ship brought 20 people into the United States that had been seized from a Portuguese slave ship into the Jamestown, Virginia area. These people were reportedly the first slaves in the United States, although many people slaves were here before then. Slavery was abolished on Dec. 18, 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln. 

Many other events have led to the history of the United States. Many of the historical events in our history are sad, brutal, and even unimaginable to the American people today. However, whether we agree with the events that took place or not, it is our history. We are to learn from it, we are to grow from it and we should never repeat the bad or unimaginable events again. Yet, our country seems as divided racially as we were in the 1950's.

Do I feel that racial equality is a problem in the United States? Yes, I do. However, whether there is a problem with equality or a problem with officers across the United States that are shooting unarmed black men without cause, it gives NO ONE the right to loot and burn or destroy the lives of other human beings that had absolutely nothing to do with any of the problem. 

I am outraged over the death of Breona Taylor, a young lady with so much to give to the country and yet, gunned down in her own home by officers that were delivering a warrant to the wrong home. Mistakes happen, but entering someone's home in the middle of the night and not announcing yourself as police is a crime. Yes, in her case the officers were fired upon, but her boyfriend was attempting to protect her and himself as he thought someone was breaking in. I would shoot too. No knock on the door, no announcement of who is entering my home, nothing except a wrong address and a young lady killed for no reason. 

George Floyd did not deserve to die on the ground with an officer on his neck. He was subdued and in police custody, so he could have been gotten up. Once handcuffed and in custody, there is no reason not to stand him up and get him into a police car. 

Rashard Brooks, the latest to die at the hands of white officers, was clearly in the wrong for struggling with the officers and with grabbing a taser from the officer and pointing it at officers. I am not saying deadly force was necessary as he was shot in the back, but I truly believe that the officers had a right to fire at him to stop him. I was not there to know if threats were made or what. I am fully aware that if he had gotten the officers gun, he clearly may have shot the responding officer and then we would not be hearing nearly as much about it on the news. 

My thoughts are: You do not run from the police if you are being stopped or questioned, you don't reach for their gun, taser, or handcuffs. I was taught that from a young age, were you? If we are going to talk about the homicide rates across the United States, let's talk true numbers. How many of those homicides are by African Americans, Mexican's, Caucasians, and each other race in the country?

My grandmother was Cherokee Indian and never lived on a reservation, but being of Native American decent, and knowing that in the 1830's many Native American's were forced to leave their homes and moved to a near area, where they were told that they were only allowed on Indian land is upsetting to me, I can't hold anyone today accountable for those actions, as it truly had nothing to do with any of them. 

We all need to realize that we all have a purpose on Earth and that we all can do some good if we work at it. We need to love our neighbors and help each other. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday Blessings


Welcome to my Sunday meme where I will share my weekly blessings from here on the farm. I have changed my photo and may continue to change it a few times before I get it just as I want it. However, I welcome you to join us and share your blessings as well. 

With all the chaos that has been happening in the world that we are living in, I feel now is a perfect time to share some happiness with others. My friends and loyal readers here are welcome to share this meme as well. Let's offer the world a more peaceful and blessed day once a week. 

My daughter has returned to work and my granddoll will be back with me four days a week starting Tuesday. What a blessing I hope to be for her. She struggled this past week after going home with her aunt and staying as she missed her mommy. Something that she had rarely ever said before since she was with me so much since birth while mommy worked, but Co-Vid hit and mommy was home a lot more. 

I am thankful and blessed that my youngest daughter is doing well with the granddoll. Being a single parent is hard and the fact that my daughter is a little immature for her age, it has been a struggle at times, but she is doing better. They camped in the front yard last night in a new tent. I am sure it was a fun experience and I am thankful that she is willing to do those kinds of things with her. 

Sundays are great days to remember what beliefs and standards our country was built on. God, prayer, church and all of the concepts that young people these days seem to forget. I am truly hoping that a new generation emerges soon that believes in God, family, country, and the good in humanity!

Please feel free to link up to our Sunday blessings meme and share your blessings so that others may be blessed as well!

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Stopping By To Say HI

Hi! I am so sorry to my faithful readers that my posts have been so sporadic lately. I am so preoccupied with so many things these days- plants, flowers, weddings, the grand doll, Co-Vid, school preparations, etc. that my days never seem to be long enough. 

I am currently resting from mowing and decided that while I was able to do a quick check of things that I had online for sale, I would also write a post. I miss you my friends as I have not even been able to read things these days. I just find that the computer seems to be a desk occupant these days as my life is crazy busy with all of the things that I love about the country, but that certainly take my time. 

On my to do list today, I still want to be able to spend some time with my horse and I want to finish some of the yard work that I know my husband would do, but he truly doesn't have time for either. It has been a busy week with the daughter returning to work. Luckily, the grand doll wanted to go home with her aunt so I have had some free time without her under my feet. 

We have made a decision that since we truly have no idea as to what school will be like this fall, we are going to keep her home another year, but I have also made the monumental decision that I want to attempt to school her here and use the Montessori method to the best that I can. So I have been crazy busy with getting activities and work ready for her and finding out more about our daily plan by adding school to our day. LOL! 

Anyone familiar with Montessori that would like to give advice, I would gladly take it. You can message me at Just be sure to let me know that you read this post. I will take any information that I can find. 

Well, I shall leave you with a farm picture to say that I will hopefully, be on a more relaxed schedule next week. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Another Addition To Life

Hello! My daughters and I are going to attempt to leave all of our corporate jobs and earn our own money our own way. We have decided that we will to things that we love and that can be accomplished being on our own mini farms. 

Several years ago, I opened an Etsy shop, but I really haven't ever done much with it. I have decided to reopen it and attempt to do many things with it now. I will be listing and advertising quite a bit over the next few days. I am hoping that I can even list my daughter's homemade dog treats that she is making from there. If not, I will list them someplace else. There are very popular around her and I, so I know others will like them too. 

Please visit my shop HERE... Brown County Naturals will be adding many additions to it daily for the next few weeks. Thanks for your kindness!!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday Blessings _ May 31, 2020

My Sunday blessings post today is written with a lot of pain in my heart. I have written a post as to why my heart is broken and so for this I just want to share a few photos and a Bible verse. 

Thank God he is my strength today and everyday!

This little lady is my blessing each day!

Please share your blessings with us each Sunday! Just link up below!

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My Heart Is Broken

My heart is broken for so many reasons this morning and I am finding it hard to write my thoughts down. The farm is my happy place and I am thankful to be here this morning. My safety doesn't feel threatened here and my heart feels blessed here, but still broken. 

First of all, a dear family friend lost his mother last night. Please say a prayer for Marge's family. Her son and my brother were childhood friends and so her and my mom became friends as well. Later in life, ( I was 22 or 23), her son and I dated for awhile and when he left for Desert Storm, I was thankful to be able to be with him as he left and visit with her as she struggled with him leaving. Although, we did not continue dating, her son and I have remained very close friends and he has even lived with my husband and I several times where he has struggled with life. Marge and her husband allowed me to travel to North Carolina a couple of times to see him while he was in training there and they remained a close part of our family for all these years. 

I visited with her several months ago, but then Co-Vid 19 hit and I was not comfortable visiting her as I knew her health was already compromised. I was able to call her and I was able to keep telling her that I loved her and that I would always watch over her son. She worried about him so because he has struggled with many issues throughout his life, much of it caused by PTSD, I am sure. 

My heart also is broken due to the state of unrest that our country is in. The racial divide seems to be getting larger everyday and there truly is no reason for it. Skin color is no reason to divide people! Mr. George Floyd did not deserve to die on that street with that police officer on his neck and two other officers on his back and legs. His family did not deserve to lose him in that manner. The police officers family will also suffer a loss as he goes to prison, where he deserves to be. 

Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Italians, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, - all races and religions should be allowed to live together and get along without these kinds of issues separating us. God loves each of us and holds all of us in His hands. He doesn't approve of the looting, burning and destruction that is happening in many cities throughout the US right now. 

Peaceful protests will work if done right. However, white police officers killing black men, has been protested in many ways and it seems to continue to happen. Stephen Jackson, a former Indiana Pacer player, spoke yesterday and said he " is tired of" these acts and "is tired of showing love for others and getting none back". I understand this! 

I am not writing of this to start a political issue or to spark any kind of confrontation or argument here, I just simply feel my heart needs to speak. During a discussion yesterday, I was referred to as an overprivileged white girl- well, I have never been privileged other than being born white and I don't consider that being priviledged. I grew up poor and in a home with an alcoholic abuser. I have worked hard to get what we have and since being married,  my husband and I have put in many long, hard hours of labor to get the things that we have. 

My opinion is that to earn respect, you show respect. To have a good life, you work your butt off and make it happen. I believe that the devil has a good hold on our country and he is not letting go for awhile! Stay safe wherever you are! 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Day's Work On The Farm

Hello! Most days by work begins early and continues until around 11 p.m. I am usually up around 5:30 a.m. and I begin my day by having a cup of coffee and my devotional. I will also usually spend 30 minutes or so reading before Mr. F is up for the day as he likes to sleep till 7.

I always have his coffee made before he gets up and starts his day. Call it old fashioned or crazy, but I feel it is my place to have his coffee ready. I am already up and having coffee and it is not hard to place a K Cup into the coffee maker and make a cup of coffee. 
Since mornings are the only time we really have to talk to each other, this is our time to share what is planned for the day. His phone usually starts ringing by 8 a.m., so we usually chat for an hour before my work begins. First chore of the day, usually occurs around 8 a.m., as animals are wanting to know where their food is. LOL! A trip to the barn to feed horses, cows, chickens, and the pigs followed by feeding the dogs, cat, and checking on my father in law. 

Following that, I usually work the time that I am scheduled with the home health agency for my father-in-law and then I work on farm work again after lunch. During the time, I am with my father in law, I am cleaning and cooking for him and planning what the rest of my day will be like. 

Once my work is done there, I continue home to begin lunch and check emails. Once lunch is over and dishes are finished, I tend to cleaning the house, working on the plants outside, doing any yard cleanup that might need to be finished. Usually, I try to be finished with this by 3 p.m. so that I can make a quick trip to the bank , post office, or store if needed. 

From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., I attempt to work on my Pink Zebra business, learn new things about the Melaleuca business that my daughter is involved in, plan some activities for my grand doll for the week, and make phone calls. Those two hours go fast and I never finish all that I need to do. 

Time to begin dinner and you can almost always count on that being at least a two hour slot of time. I have a hard working husband and he enjoys his meat and potatoes meal. Even if he doesn't get many potatoes because of being diabetic. He is usually in by 6 to eat and I can't leave a dirty dish before I leave my kitchen. 

Following dinner, it is time to feed the dogs again, take my shower, finish paper work that I might need to do, catch up any orders that I have not finished for the day, or simply finish a letter, or possibly some preferred hobby, I might be working on. It is a busy day, but that is how our house works! 

Whew! I am tired just writing about it, so imagine living it. I love farm life and I love being a farm wife, but it is tough at times. 

Take care! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Days on The Farm - During Co-Vid 19 Quaratine

Many of you are fully aware of the work that comes with the animals that we have and all the other aspects of living on a hobby farm, but I wanted to share some photos of the things that we have been doing while being quarantined due to Co-Vid 19. 

The nice thing about living in a rural area and on this small farm is that there is plenty to do while having to stay home and plenty of land to roam around on, while being home. We have taken plenty of walks on the property and we have found many plants and other fun things while doing our walks. With the grand doll being next door, it is easy to see her and since she had been with us when things started getting bad, we continued to see her as if we had been exposed, then she had as well. 

She was very proud of herself for getting these plants ready for us. Plus, she loved the wild flowers (the yellow plants) that she chose for me. 

She was careful to get the seeds exactly where she wanted them. It is so exciting to see her learning while doing something to help us out. 

This is the way we start our plants for our garden here. I use recycled K Cups.
With this large front yard, who needs to leave? We were excited to get this large wooden swing set as it helps with being bored.

This small flower garden area near the porch is another spot that we have worked on some. I truly need to purchase mulch soon. There are some nice lilies coming up here. 

The remainder of the wood piles that need to be used and restacked. My Christmas tree near the back of the trampoline that I replanted from last Christmas is still green and growing, but keeps leaning to the right. I need to put some more dirt around it today. The fence in the background has seen better days and will be gotten rid of this year. 

Rocky, our new puppy. We adore him and he does well with staying around without the fence, but he had been chasing chickens, so he was in trouble. He's really a good companion around here too!
Doesn't she clean up good? This was Easter and she was so excited the Easter Bunny had been here. She looked so pretty in her dress!
She had company, her cousin from Virginia, and they were able to ride Sugar for a bit. Of course, it was an argument over who would ride first. I explained that T did not have horses at home and needed to ride first. It was okay then. 
Of course, Sugar does ride double so they were both able to ride at one point. That made them happy! Usually, never need two helmets, but this taught us to purchase another one, which I can say is now in the tack room. 
We decided that we would go for a walk on the library story walk one day to get out and about. She loves to go and I don't mind at all. It's a short trip and a beautiful area, when it is sunny and warm. 
A nice place to sit and rest along the longer trail at the library. 
More photos of the library and the story walk. Each little stand has a page or two of the book on it.
This blessing box is near the trail, as you can see, and it is a spot where we take items weekly to place in for less fortunate people to be able to pick up some food and other items. I have a plan to make some nice packets for here later in the week and we will take up for my grand doll's birthday as a way to give back. 

This is our free little library. We use this as well and some days it has been a bright spot to get a new book while we were giving some away. I love the idea of these little libraries! 
This is a nice statue in the "courtyard" of the library and many of the kids that visit like to play here. 
A sign of our freedom! What a lovely sight even against the cloudy, gloomy skies.
I will leave you with a sight of our favorite bird feeder in the yard. Our bird bath sits below it, which will be moved later as it gets too much feed in it now. I am hoping to learn to make some suet cakes soon like these as I can no longer purchase them anywhere near us. 

I hope you have enjoyed a few days here on the farm. Talk to you all soon! 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Celebrating Mom - Sunday Blessings # 11

Mother's Day- a day to celebrate Mom! What an honor that we have a day to celebrate the woman that gave us life. I am combining my posts today to include a tribute to my mom who I am blessed to have in my life and what a better Sunday Blessing post. 

Feel free to link up to my Sunday Blessing post and share your own blessings for today!

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Many of my readers will remember that a few years ago, my mom suffered a rare medical condition that placed her in ICU for a month and then in rehab for another month. Her life hung in the balance for a long time as she was only given a 5 % chance of surviving the surgery that she desperately needed several hours before our local hospital bandaid station realized just what was truly wrong with her. The original diagnosis was pneumonia, which I questioned multiple times, but was told that they were sure that was the issue. Instead, she had ruptured her esophagus and was very septic when they realized what was wrong. 

Anyway today, she is 84 years old and going strong! She still drives on her own, went on vacation on her own last summer, cooks her own meals, and multiple other things on her own. She is quite amazing. My mom worked in retail most of her life, so I am fully aware that she was never in a position of easy work. She was married for 19 years to a man that abused her multiple times and would drink up the money she earned while she tried to raise my brother and I. Her life has not been easy and yet, she is happy and carefree most of the time. Anytime you see her, she is smiling and when asked how she is , she always comments " Mean as ever". Isn't that special? 

The first photo is when she was so very sick and the second is before her second surgery to repair her esophagus.

These are photos taken with her grandkids and great grandkids. Also, one of her opening Christmas gifts, which always include a puzzle. She can do some of the toughest in a matter of a few hours. 

Celebrating Easter last year.

Four Generations( with my mother in law in the background).

A classic picture of Mom on the farm.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday On The Farm

Another week has passed while we are still dealing with the Co-Vid 19 virus and the many changes that it has brought into our lives. As I hear unemployment numbers and the death toll that this virus has brought with it, I am deeply saddened. I worry that we will see many more spikes in unemployment as companies begin to attempt to reopen under new guidelines as to how to operate businesses and that some will find that the guidelines are just not workable. I worry that many employers will find new ways to run their businesses with fewer employees in order to cut back on expenses and the number of people in offices and other work spaces. 

What accomplishments have you made this week? I have not felt well most of the week and so I have been taking life a little easier than in the past. I have still accomplished a bit this week. Normal housework is finished and normal cooking has been done. I have also managed to keep my office space organized and I am still working on some of it. I also have managed to work my Pink Zebra business quite a bit as well. Sales have been very good lately and for that I am thankful. I am very satisfied with where I am in the company and what this company allows me to do. My husband was thrilled with my commission check this month as well. He seen a profit. LOL!

Today, I have made a trip to town to purchase some supplies, caught up on all feedback on eBay purchases, managed to text some friends, spend time with my grand doll, and actually make a really nice dinner as well. Pork roast with twice baked potatoes, green beans, rolls, and strawberry shortcakes for dessert. It is going to be a nice Friday night dinner! I do enjoy cooking when I have the time to spend making plans for it. I do not like to hurry to cook a meal. My husband says my hurry meals are better than my thought out ones, but I certainly don't feel as they are. 

I have brought all of my garden plants in as we are under a freeze warning tonight. Freeze warning in May is absolutely ridiculous! I just am amazed that we are to be that cold tonight. I certainly hope my onions that I planted yesterday are able to survive the cold. I am thankful that we have not planted our garden yet! I would be so upset. I just pray that following Mother's Day our weather improves and we begin to see some spring temperatures and plenty more sunshine. It seems as though the month of April was cold and wet and now May is following the same path. I prefer sunshine and warmer temperatures myself. 

My daughter will finally be able to go dress shopping on Monday for her wedding dress. I am so excited! I am very glad that she is able to go as she has really been stressing about it since two appointments were cancelled before now. I am hoping she finds one that she loves! I know I found one, but I am not sure that she is going to agree to the price it is. I will help all that I can with her getting it if possible! It is a beautiful dress! I can't wait to be able to share photos of her in a dress, but I guess that will be awhile since her wedding is not until May of 2021. 

Well, I better finish dinner and see where the working man is. He should be about done considering it is Friday and he knows I have a nice dinner planned. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Planting Hacks - Down on The Farm

For many years, I have made annual trips to the store to purchase peat moss cups, potting soil, as well as seeds to start our garden vegetables for the season. The past couple of years, I have been a little more frugal and decided that I should share these ideas to help someone else. Recycling can save a family plenty of money and we all know that, so this is a time saver and a money saver. Depending on what the cups cost at your house and whether you use the items that I am going to tell you about will depend on if this saves your family money or not.

Normally, a large part of our supplies each year are these small brown earthy type cups that are called peat moss cups. You are able to purchase them, add potting soil, and then put your seeds into them, and even add the cup to the dirt as you plant in the garden as they are decomposable. 
However, I am truly not a fan of these as I think that they are such a waste of money each year. I would rather have something reusable or use something that I already am putting to waste. I improvised last year and this year and now will share the hack with you. I have been using empty K Cups that are coffee are in. Yes, the little plastic cups that you place in your Keurig or other brand individual coffee maker. I simply clean them out and give them a quick rinse and let them dry. Then I add my potting soil and my seeds. They work great!  They are the perfect size and even have a small drain hole in them. 
   Another hack that I want to share today is that you can also start your seeds in egg cartons. Add soil or potting mix to each individual egg spot and place a seed or two in each one and you instantly have a small indoor spot for these seeds to begin to grow.  I have used egg cartons for many things over the years, but I had never thought of them as a garden spot until this year. Some of even cardboard, which is possible to plant with the plant in it and allow the cardboard just to rot away in the ground. I usually remove my plants, but my daughter has planted some of hers and the plants are fine. Of course, I recommend cutting them apart if you intend to do that. 

My daughter has also used some plastic trays that we decent size to plant in this year and some paper cups. Oh, another hack those small cups like you would have for the bathroom that are paper, those work amazingly too. Use your imagination and you will find that there are many options available in place of those cups that you must purchase each year. Recycle, reuse, and reduce the waste in our landfills! 


Happy Homemaker Monday _ Feb. 6, 2023

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