Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday Blessings - Father's Day

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Blessings come each day if we are just willing to see them. Open our eyes to the many good things that happen daily and try to allow them to override the bad. I believe many times we concentrate on the negatives in life till we can't see the blessings anymore. 

These days it seems that the world has gone crazy and each day we hear more about racial divide in our country as well as the tensions in Washington, political agendas, wars, terrorism, and all the other bad in the world. The good gets overlooked, which is sad!

It doesn't matter to me what race you are, what your sexual preference is or what nationality you are, there is a place on the Earth for you, God loves you, and you are a human being the same as I am! Be a law abiding citizen and a productive member of society and treat others with respect! There truly is no reason to be so divided in this country. I may not agree with you on all aspects of life and that is perfectly okay.

For my blessing today, I want to speak of Father's Day! A day to honor the man (or woman that filled a father's role) that guided you and taught you what was expected of you in life. 

I was not blessed with a kind and loving father. My father was an alcoholic and abusive, but I learned many things from him. I learned what kind of man I would not marry! I learned that alcohol is an evil for many! I learned that my grandfather was a complete gentleman and that if all men were like him, life would be so much less complicated. 

I was blessed that my father and I were able to reconnect after many years and he had stopped drinking and we had a decent relationship.Memories made it hard to forgive him and I could never forget what he had done, but I was able to move on and have a relationship with him. 

I am blessed to have the man walking beside me in life that has been a good father to our children. He adopted our oldest at 8 years old and has taught her so many things. He has helped our youngest at times that he truly was so mad he wanted to beat her, but he was able to realize that life doesn't always go as planned and that he had to get past the anger to move ahead and enjoy life as it was. 

He has a son that has grown into a wonderful young man. He is respectful, hard working, and very determined to make a good life for himself. I am so proud of him. His dad was not always in his life due to no reason on his own, but he still has a great respect for his dad and knows that life threw challenges, which Dad overcame and has now written out of his life completely. 

To all the fathers out there, may I say Happy Father's Day!


  1. Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads in your family! I am saddened by all of the divides in our Country. I love everyone and wish that we could join together in peace. God loves us, each and every person. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. I so deeply agree with you. I hope all the fathers in your family enjoyed their day as well.

  2. I see that you think about what good can come from the bad in life. This kind of attitude is so important in life! Life is not and never has bene fair, how sad for so many. But God will judge in the end, it is not up to us.

  3. What a wonderful and honest post to share your heart on Father's Day. Unfortunately many like yourself did not have the loving husband comes from such a family. But God was good to help him see the evil of alcohol and went the other direction, a preacher!

    1. I am so proud of your husband. It is a harsh reality to live that life as a child and yet, ones that overcome are so much better in life.

  4. My blessing today is the beauty of my nearby park and great company to enjoy it with. Take care!

  5. A lovely post Carol, not all fathers are good dads. I have some good and bad memories of my father. He has passed on. The world is a crazy place now. Lots of healing.


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