Thursday, June 7, 2012


Spring and summer seem to have a way of making me forget that I need to post daily on here or at least weekly and it seems that I find that I never have enough time for the computer work that I want to do because there are so many reasons to be outside. 4-H projects are in full swing and I am sure that the next 6 weeks before the fair will be that much busier. However, it is such a fun time and we love being there so I really think that we are in good spirits about it.
 We have been camping with the horses a few times already this summer and I we are taking a week long trip to Deem Lake in about 2 weeks. I can hardly wait! I am looking forward to sitting near the lake and reading while my family has fun in the water as I am not a fan of water activities. I am looking forward to do some horse back riding too. We are going with the neighbors that we always camp with and I am looking forward to the time away from work and the crazy people that live here with us ( my mom and brother). It will be like a vacation from them.
 We recently visited Rome, Georgia and I will have to share that experience with all of you later. It was a fun time and my daughter and I really had a great opportunity to bond and have some quality time together. We learned some things while we were there and seen some interesting sites, which I will have to also find time to post the photos from.
 If you have not been on the site, I suggest you take a minute to look at it. I am sure that you will find something there that you are truly interested in. I have been spending some time on that site enjoying some great stories on making my own cleaning supplies and having fun doing just that. I really don't want to fill the house with chemicals to clean with.
 I must close for now, but I sure hope to visit with you all soon. Take care! Carol

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