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Headed to Ohio

 This farm girl is taking a break from the busy life here on the farm and heading to Ohio to the Pink Zebra Convention. It will be 2 full days of fun, training, new products, and all of the fun that I can possibly have. I have three friends going with me that I travel with quite often and I am very excited to be going! I will make new friends, catch up with old friends, get to talk with Tom and Kelly (the founders of the company) and experience a lot of true fun times. The trainings are usually fun and yet we learn a lot from them. I will use my time wisely as I want to see some sites while I am there as well.  I have been busy with the animals and garden here at home. I have learned to can and I have canned many pints of green beans, squash, zucchini, and carrots this year. I hope to can some beets when I get home and my potatoes should be ready for me to pick when I return home.  These precious little ones were hatched from our own eggs in our incubator. I adore the middle one and th