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Happy Homemaker Monday 02/17/2020

Hello! I am happy to be linking up with Sandra at  Diary of a Stay At Home Mom to write this Happy Homemaker Monday post. Please stop by and read all of the interesting things that all the other bloggers that have linked up are doing as well.  Homemaking seems to be a lost art these days. It seems as though women don't want to spend their days in the house making it a home for their families. I know the days can get a little hectic or monotonous, but it is exactly the life that I believe that we are set to do. I am not saying women can't work outside the home or that men don't need to help with daily chores, but women are meant to be the homemakers as far as I am concerned. We are the ones to decorate and make the home feel inviting and a welcome place to rest when our loved ones arrive.  Your beliefs may be different than mine on that and that is fine, but many of these ladies offer great inspiration in what they write. On to the post: The weather.... isn't to

Valentine"s Day swap

I enjoy getting to know other bloggers and I have taken part in several swaps over my few years here. I even hosted a swap at Christmas. When Colletta from  Collettas Kitchen Sink mentioned doing a Valentine's Day swap, I was more than excited to sign up. After all, who doesn't enjoy some real mail once in awhile! I was thrilled to get my package from Carol Zwick from  Readerbuzz . She is from New York and that is one of the places on my bucket list and hopefully, going to make that a check mark off the list by next year. I was excited to get the package and I could hardly wait to open it! My grand doll was here and of course, she wanted to help so little fingers seem to take forever in a situation such as this. Here is a photo of some of the smaller items that were in the envelope . I love the blue trim and my grand doll and I have already used some of it in our crafts that I will tell more of later.  The stationary will certainly be a great addition for my writing bas

Knight Returns - IU Basketball Heals A Wound

For any college basketball fan of the 70's, 80', or 90's, one name is well remembered- Bobby Knight. Indiana University became a legend in the basketball world with Coach Knight. He led the team to 3 NCAA championships and only missed going to the championships 5 times during his career in Indiana. Bobby Knight was the face of IU basketball! Players loved him, parents loved him, Assembly Hall loved him, and fans loved him. He was the coach! He knew the game and he expected the best of his players. He expected to win! Many controversies surrounded him at IU though and in September of 2000, Knight was fired for breaking the zero tolerance policy that then President, Myles Brand had established following Knight grabbing a students' arm after the student passing him said "Hey Knight, what's up?" Other students walking with this student said that Knight grabbed his arm, drug him to the side and cursed at him and told him to show him ( Knight ) some resp

Rain, Cold, Sickness

Our spring temperatures were truly short lived as it began to turn colder today and it has rained and been grey all day. The rain is to turn to a little snow later tonight and temperatures are to be in the 30's after this all week. UGH! I thanked God though today for the warm weather yesterday. Sickness has hit again. I woke up at 5 this morning with a very nauseous feeling again and it has stayed with me all day. I have also had a migraine most of the day as well. Of course, the migraine is due to the barometric pressure changing with the weather changes. I hate weather changes as they always bring headaches! My daughter and I need to spend some time at her house getting stuff ready for the wedding. She has set a temporary date of May 22, 2021I - I believe. I purchased a wedding book the other day as well as a basket for the flower girl. I know my daughter will want to make some changes to it, but I am sure she will love it. She has made some big plans and I am sure that she w

Sunshine - 60 Degrees - Good For The Soul

Good Evening! I feel better than I did over the weekend and I must tell you all that we had sunshine and 60 degree weather today and it was SO good for the soul!! I had laundry to do and a repair man coming to work on the stove today, but I made sure that I got out into the sunshine and that I even sat on the porch today and read a few lines of my book. How great that sun and warmth felt!!! I was so tired of the grey skies and cooler temperatures. I pray that we are seeing the turn to spring, although I am sure it is way too early. I believe that the weather forecast calls for snow flurries and mid 30's by the middle of the week. I dread to think of those kinds of temperatures but I also am fully aware that Indiana weather changes quickly and is all over the place in terms of temperatures and precipitation. This picture is one that I believe I took off of another free photo site, but I thought that it was perfect for today. The sun literally felt as though it had opened up

Sickness Hits The Farm

Sickness hit the farm this weekend with a vengeance. I began to feel sick almost immediately on Friday after getting out of bed, but I knew that we had several appointments that day and I had to keep going so I just prayed that I would get over the nausea that I was feeling. Also, for several days, my husband has complained about pain in his neck and shoulder. He feels as though it is a muscle that is swollen and tightened up, but can't seem to alleviate the pain. We continued about our day as planned, all while I just felt that at any moment I might be vomiting. I hate that queasy feeling. It makes it hard to concentrate and be involved in so many important conversations. I needed to be fully involved in the conversations and fully involved in making choices for the nursing homes that we were looking at. I attempted to focus on what we were doing. In between meetings, we were able to get an x-ray on his neck for the doctor to hopefully have some answers for us on Monday. I am