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Fair is over once again and that makes us sad! I have to say that my beautiful daughter made me so very proud this year as she won 13 ribbons in all and tried many new things. All of her projects won blue ribbons and 3 of those won honors ribbons. She also won a fourth place in the horse and pony costume contest by dressing herself as a zookeeper and by making her horse into a zebra. How cute she was!!  Her groovy cupcakes were a hit with the judge at the create a mix booth and she received a blue star for those. She was impressed with the creativity and using the bubblegum flavored icing was a real addition. Way to go Bridget!! I think she is going to try to start a small business using these for birthday parties. She can add flavoring to the cupcakes as well for an added touch. The fact that the cupcakes turn out almost tye dyed is simply exciting for her!!  She also ran her first barrel race and done rather well considering that her horse is not a barrel horse. She unfortunately r

Summer Drought

Well, as many parts of the United States have seen severe storms that have knocked power out for days, we in the central part of the United States are struggling with very hot and very dry weather. It has been a long time since we had a good rain here and I know that the farmers are in need of rain as well as our lawns and the animals could sure use a break from this horrible heat! Temperatures are to be over 100 degrees the next few days and with very little rain in sight, there are many ways of celebrating this Independence Day holiday as fireworks are being cancelled and banned in most places in our state. I have found that putting frozen water bottles in for the rabbits has been a great source of  relief for them. The horses are getting fresh water several times a day and they really enjoy a cool bath when we can provide it for them. It is just too hot to really enjoy them and as we are getting ready for fair week, I am certainly praying for cooler weather. I hope that we get som