Thursday, July 28, 2022

My Pink Zebra Business

 Hello! I have had several of my readers say that they do not know about Pink Zebra and I would love to share some information about this with you all. I am an Independent Executive Consultant with the company and have been with them for 7 years, but only recently began my focus on making this my full time career. I am working to reach manager this year and I am excited to say that my daughter has accomplished that in her career with them. 

My love for their products started almost 8 years ago when I was finishing up a long week as a show mom at the local county fair. I was hot, tired and exhausted and decided to walk through the commercial tent to see what companies were represented. I knew nothing of Pink Zebra and the girl that was at the fair did not get any of my attention, I am sorry to say. I simply walked past her and did not take the time to learn more. I did stop at the end of her table though and smell the Toasted Marshmallow Sprinkles that she had set out. 

After the fair was over, I thought of the amazing scent I had smelled, but had no information or clue what it was. I simply knew it had a zebra on the photo (as they are my favorite animal) and I Googled Zebra dots, because they looked like Dippin Dots ( the ice cream). I found a lady in Oklahoma that sold Pink Zebra and was offering a great deal on signing up. Now, we can't do those types of deals these days, but I am thankful that she was at the time. I learned that it was wax for warmers and that they had many fragrances to choose from. I signed up and called my oldest daughter to tell her that we were selling it as I knew she would help. 

I am thankful to say that the company had allowed her to quit her full time job at a warehouse and she earned her first piece of jewelry this year when she promoted to manager with the company. I am also happy to say that she is a great leader and I am looking forward to what she will do this next year. I am happy to say that it has become a family affair as my youngest daughter is now a consultant too. 

Pink Zebra began in Sugar Land, Texas and is the amazing work of Tom and Kelly Gaines, who have a wealth of knowledge of candles, fragrances, and home décor. Pink Zebra offers a soy based wax that is non-toxic and is tested to be some of the best fragrance in the industry. There are 71 scents available and many other products. Our fall catalog was just released and I will  say that our 71 scents are some of my absolute favorites in the time I have been selling. 

I am sure you will find something on that list that you love! There are so many good ones! Some of my favorites are flannel blanket, apple pumpkin butter, aquamarine, blueberry lavender, bourbon vanilla, warm snuggles, and white pumpkin cardamom. 

Our warmers are designed to offer the best fragrance from these as well as the wax will only heat to body temperature, which is another great asset considering my grands are usually here often. Our Simmer Pots are great decorating pieces as well as a way to fragrance your home. 

We have items that include all types of decorating and we have super cute things for those that like to decorate for the seasons and holidays. 

Our Simmering Lights offer décor, fragrance, and a useful product for the home. 
I am always looking for new customers to share these amazing products with as well as online hosts to earn free and half price products as well as people who are looking for a flexible schedule to join my team. If you don't use these types of products, maybe you know someone that does. Please share my website with them. Let me know if you know someone that orders and I will send you a free gift!

Thanks to all my readers that asked about what I do and I am happy to share with you. Now, I must get busy and work on getting that manager title and my Paisley ( our mascot) necklace. 

Monday, July 25, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday - July 25,2022

 Good Morning Everyone! Happy Monday! As I am going to join Sandra at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and will link this to her post later, I thought I would share a few notes first. I am still thinking of my dear friend, Ang that passed last week after a hard fought battle against cancer. I am also thinking of another friend who has a daughter that is struggling with some issues. Prayers for these families! 

The weather . . .
   We had rain last night and it was much needed. Although, my husband had just done some dirt work for a friend and so the rain was much harder and more than he needed for that. Our plants and grass were certainly thankful for the rain though. We are forecast to have more later this week. 

As I look outside my window . . .

   I see gorgeous sunshine and a lot of weeds that need to be trimmed. I really am not sure what we will do with all of the weeds. I might spray some later today. It is not supposed to be as hot and humid today. Thankful for that. It sure has been a HOT summer. 

Right now I am . . .

   Listening to the washing machine and making a kettle of hot water to enjoy some oatmeal and possibly a new tea that I purchased the other day. I had two cups of coffee earlier, but I think I want to try my tea. 

Thinking and pondering . . .

   I mentioned that I am thinking of my friends. I am also thinking about how fast it seems summer has gone by and how hot it has been. My granddoll and I have not been doing much together because of the weather. We took a short trip to Missouri, but not long enough. I also must say that I hate the thought of her starting school in just a few short weeks.

How I am feeling  . . .

   A bit tired actually. We stayed up later than normal and I am a bit draggy today. I will be better later. I am missing my fellow Pink Zebra team as I was unable to go to our yearly reunion this year due to the cost to fly to Reno and it makes me sad that I am not there. 

On the breakfast plate . . .

   I am going to be enjoying a nice bowl of blueberry oatmeal. It is still a little warm for oatmeal, but I certainly do love it. 

What I am wearing . . .

   Jeans and a tee shirt. Our Pink Zebra fall line was just released and so I will be working most of the day in my office. I will be going to see the new Elvis movie later tonight as well. 

On the reading pile . . .

   Finishing Karen Kingsbury's a thousand tomorrows

   Starting later today will be  The Summer House by James Patterson and Brendan DuBouis. It is a murder story and will be a much different read than Karen's book, but I feel that I like to change genres' often. I especially love a good mystery book and Patterson writes very well.

On my TV . . .

   Hallmark Channel. I have not watched it much recently, but I thought I would catch a few minutes of the Christmas in July movies that are happening now. I might listen to my Christmas CD later today as well. My granddoll and I love Christmas music and we listen to it often. 

On the menu . . .

   Since I won't be home tonight it will be burgers and corn on the cob for my hubby. 

Tuesday - it may be a pork roast marinated with brown sugar and maple. Not sure yet. 

Looking around the house . . .

   I see laundry that needs to be done today and I know my bathroom floor needs to be swept and mopped, but I done housework on Friday and Saturday so not as much needs to be done as normally does on Monday. 

To-do list . . .


   Sweep/mop bathroom

   Pink Zebra work

   Meet friends for movie

   Plan menu ideas for next week as I will be busy each evening


From the camera . . .

   Nothing new, but a photo of my daughter and I at the last Pink Zebra Reunion. She gets her manager necklace today and I am so proud of her! I hate that I am not with her!!

Devotional . . .


Clearing Up Conversation Confusion

Our feelings can mislead us; confidence comes when we choose to trust what the Word of God says.

This is from 

In Touch

That is all I have for today. Have a great Monday! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and be sure to look for all of the Happy Homemaker Posts. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Loss of a Dear Friend

 Hello! I have not written for quite a long time, but I have to write today to share the loss of a dear friend. Some of you may know, Ang Specht, from  Just A Country Girl blog and we became pen pals several years ago after a Christmas stocking exchange that was posted here on Blogger by someone. I am so thankful that I took part in that as it brought this amazing woman into my life.

Ang was a homeschool mom, a wife, and an amazing woman of God. Her faith was consistent and she never faltered no matter what life threw her way. Ang has fought a very rare form of breast cancer for a few years now, but remained optimistic and faithful in her beliefs that God's will would be done. Today, she has met her Heavenly Father and I am sure she is pain free for the first time in awhile and she is rejoicing with God. She will be deeply missed here on Earth by her husband, her father and her amazing children.

Ang was blessed to see her oldest son graduate this year and she was so proud of him! She was blessed to see her teen son get his license. She has been blessed to have children that were willing to help her and the other children and she had a great friend with her daughter. They shared many tea parties and other wonderful times together. She has taught her children many life skills that will take them far in their lives. Ang was blessed to be married to the man of her dreams at the home of Phil Robertson in an amazingly beautiful ceremony and was baptized there as well. 

Ang, if I could talk to you, I would tell you just how much I will miss you and how lucky I have been to know you. Thank you for your friendship and thank you for sharing your amazing life with me!

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