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2020 Christmas

I pray that you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you the best in the New Year. Christmas 2020 looked different for many families as CO-Vid 19 remains in our everyday lives and has taken so many loved ones from families this year. It seems that I am hearing of so many people testing positive in just the past few weeks. It is sad that many families are not able to be with their loved ones when they are passing from this world to their forever home.  Many family members have not seen parents, grandparents, and other relatives that are either in a nursing home or hospital struggling with the loneliness that we have all struggled with as part of the quarantine to keep ourselves safe and healthy. Many families did not get together in traditional form for the holidays due to the spike in cases recently. It makes for a very different or sad, in some cases, holiday season. Many adult children work in fields that are considered high risk positions, especially to their elderly parents. Many a

More Surgery Updates

Surgery went very well with the granddoll this week and I am so blessed by those of you that remembered her and I in your prayers. I am happy to say that I believe this will be her last surgery and I am hoping we may have her last appointment with this doctor in March. Praise God for His miracles and blessings!! My update from the surgeon on Thursday was not as good as I had hoped. He said my x-rays look good, but he is very concerned that the swelling has not gone down any, but seems to keep swelling. I am keeping it elevated and iced as I can, but it just doesn't seem to be helping. I am thankful that in a week, I get to remove the bulky bandage and that I can sleep without the surgical boot on. I will need a compression tube on it during the day as well as the boot.  I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away. We are not prepared at all. I still have gifts to buy and things to do and nothing is wrapped at all. UGH! I will make it happen though- one way or another.  H

Recovery, Another Surgery, and Holidays

Good Sunday Morning! I pray that God has blessed each of you this week. I am considering starting a new blog where we will concentrate on God's blessings, but I might just add it to my weekly posts as I have started a social media plan for the new year. I will be here more often as well. It is going on my daily to do list! I am making some changes in my life next year and I hope that social media becomes a way to connect with many new people! Onto the news in our neck of the woods... my recovery is going well. I am sure missing being able to walk, but I know it will come soon enough. My husband and my daughters have been helpful, but no one cleans as I do or feels the need to have well balanced homemade meals as I do. My husband is a work acholic and feels that he must be in his garage from 9 a.m. till dark and that just is not a good plan with me here during the day. I am beginning to be very judgmental of him due to I stopped everything when he had surgery and he has not for me.