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Mother's Day

 Mother's Day can be such a beautiful day for many people, but I always think of the moms that have suffered losses of children, either in pregnancy, at birth, or at some point in the childs' life.  My heart breaks for them each year as they see others celebrating today. I want to wish each of you that are fortunate enough to have your children a Happy Mother's Day, but I also want those of you that have suffered the loss to know that our prayers are with you today.  I also wanted to share a poem that I read today.  Daily Thought Life cannot make me treasure weeds-- I love each moment's flower-- nor do I feed on future's needs but feast on present hour.  No fearful tear will ever last though hostile storms do glower because the clouds of shadowed past grow bright in new hope's power... as darkness is forever gone when earth has welcomed rising dawn. Eugene G. E. Botelho

Reader Update

 Hi! I'm hoping with this post I can catch you all up on life around the funny farm.  My mom is still battling the infection that sent her to the ER. Fights with insurance has been the norm here and since we could not keep her in the Rehab center, I had to admit her to the facility to be placed into skilled nursing. She can not safely come home and be here if she would be alone. I am hoping this is a temporary placing, but I truly am not sure.  The farm is busy. We have added some new chickens ( which is another story) and some more turkeys. We have built a turkey coop and we have made some rabbit hutches home to some new chickens for the time being. I have quail eggs and I am hoping to purchase an incubator that will allow me to raise some of my own and hopefully sell a few chickens as well.  The garden is planted and I am working on finding a spot that I feel comfortable having a compost bin. I am also planning to add some new wildflowers to the homestead and I am learning some m