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Farm Invaders

 Good Morning! It's wedding day again for us. This time my son and his beautiful fiancé are getting married. I absolutely adore her so I am very thankful that she will be my extra daughter. Aren't they too good looking? This was last weekend at my daughter's wedding.  Speaking of my daughters' wedding, I can share a couple of photos with all of you without her being upset with me until she shares more.  Here is the beautiful bride in her absolutely stunning dress! She was an amazing bride! She made her own flowers, decorations, food, and was simply stunning when she walked down the aisle.  Here my husband and I are dancing in the couples dance. We were one of the longest married couples along with my best friend and her husband. We both are at 26 years, but we beat them by a few months.  Now onto the farm news, we have an invasion happening here and it is not fun. Periodical cicadas have made their way to the farm. They are everywhere and the holes where they have came

Great Wolf Lodge - Mason Ohio Good Vacation Idea for kids

What is this Wolf Den? It is a childs' sleeping area in a room at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. My daughter and I took the grand doll and spent a few days here and we loved it! Of course, my grand doll loves to play in the water and so an indoor water park was so perfect for her.  This was a perfect photo for why we were at Great Wolf Lodge. The waterpark! A fun place for children and adults to spend time playing, whatever the weather is outside. Due to Co-Vid rules, capacity was limited which meant that it was not crowded while we were there.  Here is a photo of part of the water park. There were several water slides, both individual and group. There was a wave pool, which we enjoyed quite a bit, as well as a toddler play area, a child play area, and a lazy river. That was one of my favorite parts of the entire place! We had fun and truly enjoyed our time here.  Is this the face of a happy little lady? Yes, it was taken the day we planned to spend most of our time at the water

Bathroom Signs- Thanks to Linda at mixedkreations

 This post is long overdue, but I want to be sure that I get it written. I want to thank Linda at mixedkreations  for these adorable signs. I was the winner of a giveaway that she posted  here . I promised Linda that I would post about these, but life has been so crazy that I just haven't found time to post. Now, I am finally getting caught up and I plan to stay caught up.  These are super cute and I am so thankful to have them in my bathroom and laundry area of my home.