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Beautiful Day

As I sit at camp, with a gentle breeze blowing and the sun beginning to break from behind the clouds, I am reminded of all of the beauty around us. The green grass bedazzled with clover, the magnificent size of some trees, the beauty of a sunrise, the beauty of white clouds against a blue sky, even just the smell of newness the morning brings. Isn't it amazing to think that God created all of this artwork for us to see? Early mornings listening to the birds sing and chirp, squirrels scattering along the many branches of the trees, the crackle of a campfire, no traffic, no big city sounds, just nature at it's finest. How special a morning can be! Add a talk with Jesus to the mix and you have a perfect day! No riots, no protests, no murders, no bad in any way will affect the early morning here. Praise God as I truly believe we hear too much bad on the radio, television, and even this amazing net that I am writing this on.  I will have to get photos from here today and send them t

Sunday Blessings - Father's Day

Welcome to Sunday Blessings! I would love for you to share your own blessing on your blog and link to this one, but I can never get the Mr. Linky link to put the box here for everyone to link too. I will gladly read any links that anyone shares in the comments below. Blessings come each day if we are just willing to see them. Open our eyes to the many good things that happen daily and try to allow them to override the bad. I believe many times we concentrate on the negatives in life till we can't see the blessings anymore.  These days it seems that the world has gone crazy and each day we hear more about racial divide in our country as well as the tensions in Washington, political agendas, wars, terrorism, and all the other bad in the world. The good gets overlooked, which is sad! It doesn't matter to me what race you are, what your sexual preference is or what nationality you are, there is a place on the Earth for you, God loves you, and you are a human being the same as I am!

Erasing History

Dec. 1, 19555 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a city bus - Her one choice began a movement, the Civil Rights Movement, which led to African American people being allowed the same freedoms as white citizens and led to Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I Have A Dream" speech in 1963.  In the 1830's, the white man removed many American Indians from their land and moved them to land within the United States that had been identified as "Indian land". This move, known as the Trail of Tears was a forced removal of these Indians from the land that they knew as home and the trip was brutal , leaving many starving and sick along the way. Many of the Indians died before ever reaching their new home.  In 1619, a private ship brought 20 people into the United States that had been seized from a Portuguese slave ship into the Jamestown, Virginia area. These people were reportedly the first slaves in the United States, although many people slaves wer

Sunday Blessings

SUNDAY BLESSINGS BY CAROL Welcome to my Sunday meme where I will share my weekly blessings from here on the farm. I have changed my photo and may continue to change it a few times before I get it just as I want it. However, I welcome you to join us and share your blessings as well.  With all the chaos that has been happening in the world that we are living in, I feel now is a perfect time to share some happiness with others. My friends and loyal readers here are welcome to share this meme as well. Let's offer the world a more peaceful and blessed day once a week.  My daughter has returned to work and my granddoll will be back with me four days a week starting Tuesday. What a blessing I hope to be for her. She struggled this past week after going home with her aunt and staying as she missed her mommy. Something that she had rarely ever said before since she was with me so much since birth while mommy worked, but Co-Vid hit and mommy was home a lot more.  I am thankful and blessed th

Stopping By To Say HI

Hi! I am so sorry to my faithful readers that my posts have been so sporadic lately. I am so preoccupied with so many things these days- plants, flowers, weddings, the grand doll, Co-Vid, school preparations, etc. that my days never seem to be long enough.  I am currently resting from mowing and decided that while I was able to do a quick check of things that I had online for sale, I would also write a post. I miss you my friends as I have not even been able to read things these days. I just find that the computer seems to be a desk occupant these days as my life is crazy busy with all of the things that I love about the country, but that certainly take my time.  On my to do list today, I still want to be able to spend some time with my horse and I want to finish some of the yard work that I know my husband would do, but he truly doesn't have time for either. It has been a busy week with the daughter returning to work. Luckily, the grand doll wanted to go home with her aunt so I ha

Another Addition To Life

Hello! My daughters and I are going to attempt to leave all of our corporate jobs and earn our own money our own way. We have decided that we will to things that we love and that can be accomplished being on our own mini farms.  Several years ago, I opened an Etsy shop, but I really haven't ever done much with it. I have decided to reopen it and attempt to do many things with it now. I will be listing and advertising quite a bit over the next few days. I am hoping that I can even list my daughter's homemade dog treats that she is making from there. If not, I will list them someplace else. There are very popular around her and I, so I know others will like them too.  Please visit my shop HERE ... Brown County Naturals will be adding many additions to it daily for the next few weeks. Thanks for your kindness!!