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Summer - Where art thou?

Last Friday when we left for our Labor Day camping trip it was 100 degrees and we were all wondering if the heat was ever going to end as it has been such a hot summer with very little rain most of the months of July and August. We do not like to ride the horses when it is so hot as it is hard on them and not the most favorable conditions for us either. Knowing that fall is around the corner is always a wonderful way to think of the trails taking a beautiful turn as the leaves begin to change into rustic, bright colors before they fall from the trees. Saturday was yet another day that the temperature climbed to around 100 degrees and we debated on even lighting a camp fire, but who wants to cook at camp without a fire. The evening brought some rain and cooler temperatures. Sunday was cooler as was Monday and it seemed as though there might be a cooler air moving in and settling upon us. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have reminded us that we really do not mind the warm air and sunshin

Labor Day Weekend

Well, the last holiday weekend of summer is upon us and with that brings thoughts of winter, snow and cold but as I am typing this it is currently almost 100 degrees in Indiana with high humidity. It seems as though this summer has plagued us with high temps and no rain. Many places in the midwest and southwest have suffered with the same problems during the summer so we can only hope that the winter brings the same above normal temperatures as well. We will be spending the weekend with friends at the Double Y Saddle Club this weekend while my mother and my in-laws are here at home caring for the hobby farm. We will be doing some horseback riding and some buggy driving over the weekend. I am looking forward to do some cooking outside and just relaxing. Although, I am taking the laptop as I plan to do some work as well. I will be traveling a little too as my daughter has two birthday parties to go to as well this weekend. It seems as though the work and the running errands never e