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A Grandson

 As I was looking through my posts today, I see that I have failed my readers. Many of you were aware that my other daughter was pregnant and going to deliver in July, I am sure those of you that knew are wondering why I never posted about that and I must say that life has just gotten in the way, and I thought that I had written a post. Since I know I did not, I will now! He came when Mamaw was out of town! Can you believe that? He actually had the nerve to do something so ridiculous as to come while I was at the Pink Zebra reunion (our annual conference). I was with four of my best friends when we got the announcement that he was here! I was so happy that I was able to share that news with them before anyone else. Of course, the leaders of the company were there and anxious to hear how she was doing as well.  Deliver went fairly smooth, but she was in labor for quite a while. I am not sure on hours, but I think about 6 hours. There were some issues with my daughter following delivery

A Sunday Poem

 Here's another poem that I have read that I want to share with you.  LET THEM KNOW Written by Grace Easley Let somebody know you're caring Take the time to listen to What they want so much to tell you, For the gentle folks are few You are not so high and mighty, That you cannot spare a smile. For you never know when you might Need somebody after-while. Let somebody know they matter, Do not turn and look away, You will someday have to answer, For the things you do today. Never be in such a hurry, That you have no time to do A kindly deed, else someday God ... Might not have time for you.  Read this and think about these words. How many times are we guilty of being too busy or too stressed, mad, sad, etc. to say a kind word to a stranger or smile at someone. Do you often forget to say "Have a nice day" to that kind (or unkind) cashier, waitress, young mother with a screaming child? We are all guilty of it, but do we ever not want God to have time for us. 

A Poem For You

 Here is a poem by Ruth Scarbrough that I found in a small poetry book that I want to share today.  Today Tomorrow may bring sorrow or care For things can happen Most anywhere; But don't fret what might be Just savor this day; It's God's gift to you to use as you ay.  Be happy, be helpful, Be prayerful, be strong God is walking beside you  All the day long.