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Travis Tritt In Concert

On Friday night, I was able to take a dear friend of mine to see Travis Tritt in concert. It was her first time seeing him and I believe that she truly had a good time. I had seen him several other times, but it had been several years. Let me just say that he has not lost a thing in those years- not looks or talent! For anyone that does not know, Travis Tritt is a country musician that appeared on Warner Records in 1989 and has had a solid career to this day. He has had 5 number one hits as well as many others that have hit the top ten. At least 7 of his albums have gone platinum or higher according to the Recording Industry Association of America. His talent is amazing and he is unspeakably one of the best in country music. His music was mostly upbeat with a little bit of southern rock mixed in with the country. He truly is a great entertainer and musician. His band is a strong part of his show and he is fully aware how important they are to him. The guitarist in this picture to


H-O-T! That seems to be the forecast for much of the United States at the moment. A massive heat wave has taken over 2/3rds of the United States for the rest of this week and the weekend and there are many excessive heat warnings out currently in our area. Temperatures ranging in the 90's and above with heat indexes as high as 110- 115 degrees F are expected in many areas. These are dangerous temperatures and people that are outside for any amount of time need to be extra prepared to deal with those kinds of temperatures. These types of temperatures can kill the young and the elderly. Please pay attention to the people around you especially elderly neighbors that might not have anyone with them. It truly is not a bother to ask them if they have air conditioning or fans. If they don't , please see if you can help get them to a shelter where they can be cool. Stay hydrated! Water, water, water and a lot of it if you will be out in the heat. Other drinks, especially those w

Wonderful Wednesday #1

I am going to attempt to do a new type of post each Wednesday now and entitle it Wonderful Wednesday just because we all refer to Wednesday as Hump Day and I am a not a huge fan of that phrase and Wednesdays always seem to be the day that not a lot happens here so I am going to dedicate this day for a special and different type of post. I will not always write about the same things or anything particular on Wonderful Wednesday, but I will attempt to remember to write each Wednesday. If anyone has a subject that they would like me to mention on Wonderful Wednesday, simply send me a quick message and I will do just that. For today, I am going to first mention that I am fighting yet another summer sinus infection or severe allergy flair up. UGH! I hate feeling bad as it takes so much time away from other things, but I have got to relax a little and read. Lately I have been very interested in reading Amish stories and The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis is a really good one. You can