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So much news

I have so much that I need to share with all of my friends here that I can hardle contain my excitement! I have been driving a car that I really don't like for several months now with the promise from my husband that it would not be forever. Well, give the man his dues- he found me another one that is reasonably priced and that I adore! I will soon be the proud owner and driver of a white Pontiac Grand Prix. Second of all, the horse trailer that we bought last week is sitting ready for camp! I found the time to completely load all of our camp stuff up last week and now I am just waiting to go. With the temperatures here being above average and us breaking record highs so many times, the fever has officially hit! I am ready to go camping! Also, our garden has been tilled and it is ready for planting. Any tips on canning that anyone can give, I will be ready for. I have never canned before, but this seems to be the year that I will do it. I know that it is a lot of hard work, but I t

Barn Building

For a couple of years, we have been discussing how we want our barn to be when it is finished and my busy husband had started it a couple of years ago, but it just never seemed to be a priority for him. However, for me, I really wanted a horse barn- not just a shelter for them, but a barn. I am finally seeing a barn in our future and in my backyard. This may not be the prettiest of barns and the most well built barns, but it will be the design that I was hoping for minus the indoor riding arena that I really wanted. I am hoping that we can add that later. Of course and minus my apartment above the barn with glass floors looking over my horses. He thinks I have lost my mind when I tell him that I really want that. However, this barn is being built from materials that have been left over from other projects. The barn will have three stalls and a feed/tack room. We have a tack room already in a minibarn, but I want one in this barn too. Each stall will be big enough for two horses to get

Manning No Longer a Colt

Well, as many news reports have announced, Peyton Manning is leaving the Colts team. It was such a sad press conference to watch as the announcement was made and to watch him discuss his past in Indianapolis and how he is not sure as to where his future is. Although, he did announce that he is wanting to play next season and that he is confident that he will. The only excuse that they gave was that the team is undergoing a rebuilding process and that circumstances made it an impossible situation for Peyton to stay. It was announced that Peyton's #18 jersey will never be worn on the field by another Colt player and I believe that was a wise move. Peyton also announced that he will always be a member of the team and that he is not leaving Indianapolis. With Manning gone and several other key players being free agents this year, it seems to be that team owner, Jim Irsay has decided that he wants his team to go in a different direction next year and that fans are certainly going to pay

Praying for Rebuilding

Prayers are really needed for the residents of Henryville and Marysville, Indiana. Those two small towns along with a few other small towns were hit really hard last week by an EF4 tornado and pretty much demolished. One entire family was killed and several others deaths and injuries were reported. The residents are extremely blessed that the death toll was not nearly as high as it could have been with the damage that is being reported. I am not in that area as I live north of there, but I am within probably less than 100 miles from there. I am hoping to take my day off next week and take my daughter to help a family to clean up or do something that they need to do. I may attempt to take food in as well as I am sure that the shelters are in dire need at the moment and will be for a long time. The Henryville High School was completely demolished and will be a long time in rebuilding. There was a girl interviewed on the news that talked about how she had went to school in that town her e