Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Ads

I enjoy watching football, but I always enjoy the commercials during the Super Bowl game almost as much as the game. At New Orleans game last night, the Super Bowl commercials were about as good and bad as I thought the game was. There were great commercials, okay commercials, and then some that lacked the luster and grandeur that should come with a Super Bowl ad.

Budweiser usually does a great job with the commercials and once again, they have my vote for the best ad. The commercial that showed a rancher raising a colt and then sending it to Budweiser really brought tears to my eyes as he was later reunited with the horse. The horse was beautiful as most Clydesdale's are.If you missed it, you can see an extended version of the ad at YouTube. Once you get to the site, look for the video of the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.

Another winner in my opinion was the Dodge Ram truck. Being that the voice of Paul Harvey is well known, I feel that he was the perfect "announcer" for this commercial. Being that the whole ad honors farmers, I say they rocked it!! Farmers are what makes this world go around and brings the food to our tables and we should be thankful for them and all their hard work. If I buy a truck this year, it will be a Dodge.

The E-Trade baby is just always a cute commercial. It was on my list of favorites. I enjoyed the entire commercial and it was very family friendly as well.E- Trade gets credit for great commercial as well. I am sure this can be viewed at YouTube as well, but I have not looked for it yet.

Now, the Doritos commercials are good usually too and this year was no different. However, I think that there have been better ones and worst ones so this is one of my okay commercials. The concept of the commercial was good though and the ending was a great catch. This commercial is also a good family oriented and friendly commercial and it thrills me that these companies are realizing that children watch the game and the commercials.

The Coca-Cola commercial brought a good laugh to the crowd here. What looked like a mirage was actually a sign of a bottle of this drink that said 50 miles ahead. After watching all the groups try to race to this drink, then to find that it was not what they were looking for. Hilarious!! You can actually vote for who gets there first online. I choose the cowboys!!

I didn't care for the Bud Light commercial and I was not a fan of the GoDaddy commercial. I thought that the kiss on the GoDaddy commercial was just a little too much for a family show.I am glad that I don't have small children to have to shoo away from the television when these types of ads come on. Another one that I didn't care for was the pistachio nut commercial with the Gangdam Style dance and singer Psy. I don't like the song, but I know that it is popular and draws a lot of attention. What I didn't like about it was the sexual notes that were added to it. Saying to crack your nuts gangdam style, just didn't seem appropriate. Luckily, most small children would not understand the sexual note. I think that the commercial could have been a little better done and could have been a little cleaner.

I must also comment on Beyonce's performance during half time. I felt that the entire performance was well danced and sang, enjoyed the light displays, and the music. However, I thought that the words to the songs were hard to understand and I felt that the clothing choices were not the most appropriate. I was extremely worried about a wardrobe malfunction with the way that her top was made. I thought back to Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis and how worried I was about Madonna performing and yet, she was elegant compared to Beyonce's outfit last night. The reunion of Destiny's Child was nice and I thought that those girls could have used more on their outfits too. I am fully aware that sex sells, but advertiser's need to realize that many families are trying to shield their children from some of what is in the world and just because a woman is poorly dressed and dressed in next to nothing doesn't make her sexy. Women are sexy in jeans and boots or a nice dress or even their sweats as long as their inner beauty is showing and more advertisers need to realize that families want their daughters, especially, to realize that skimpy clothes don't make them wanted.

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