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Super Bowl Ads

I enjoy watching football, but I always enjoy the commercials during the Super Bowl game almost as much as the game. At New Orleans game last night, the Super Bowl commercials were about as good and bad as I thought the game was. There were great commercials, okay commercials, and then some that lacked the luster and grandeur that should come with a Super Bowl ad. Budweiser usually does a great job with the commercials and once again, they have my vote for the best ad. The commercial that showed a rancher raising a colt and then sending it to Budweiser really brought tears to my eyes as he was later reunited with the horse. The horse was beautiful as most Clydesdale's are.If you missed it, you can see an extended version of the ad at YouTube . Once you get to the site, look for the video of the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. Another winner in my opinion was the Dodge Ram truck. Being that the voice of Paul Harvey is well known, I feel that he was the perfect "announcer&q