Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving - Better Late Than Never

I planned to share our Thanksgiving photos with you all a few days ago, but life here on the farm just did not make that happen. My father in law was sick Thanksgiving day and my daughter's fiancé has been sick a few days as well and now I am sick. It seems to be making it's way through the house. However, I wanted to share part of our day with all of you as you did yours with me.
 My girls being goofy!


 The Turkey
 My granddoll in her Thanksgiving outfit
 The Ham
 What A Cutie!!
 Goofy Girls

 More of the cutest girl here!

Hope you enjoyed a little piece of our day!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Preparations Begin

It seems that each year I see Christmas items out earlier and earlier, but I normally do not mind. This year my preparations seem to be getting pushed farther out since I am so busy with other items. I have several events lined up with my Pink Zebra business and that has kept me busy!

Saturday was my first big event and I was thrilled with the results. I went into it not expecting much and was happy that I booked a couple of events, sold some product and made some contacts. I am especially excited about this weekend event since it will be happening on Shop Small Saturday and that Santa will be there. What fun! I have a couple of ideas to really make my booth stand out from the rest.

Of course, there is the preparation for Thanksgiving as well. I plan to go shopping tomorrow and get what groceries I need for the day. I wish I was going somewhere and did not have to cook, but my son is coming to visit and so I am cooking and doing Thanksgiving. I am thankful to see more companies closing that day instead of expecting employees to miss the day with their families.

I hope that as each of you prepare for whatever your holiday plans are that you remember to be thankful for what you are able to do. Although I do not want to cook, I am thankful that my children will all be here and I am thankful that my son is coming to visit as he is extremely busy and usually doesn't get to spend much time with us. I am also thankful that I have a home to be in and that I have the money to cook a meal.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election 2016

As I sit here doing some much needed work on this square machine on my desk, I find that I am saying many prayers for our nation as the world watches what is happening at the polls as they close and ballots are being counted. I believe that our nation is in for many changes with whichever politician wins the highest seat in our country.

Yes, I voted but I can't say that I stand with either candidate as I feel that neither of them are truly what America needs to be great again. I feel that they both have some major faults and although, it is not appropriate for us to judge anyone, I feel that if you intend to lead our nation you should not be seen doing the things that these two have done. I have heard many people say that they are going with the less of the two evils, but I could not make that be my decision in voting for either.

My prediction is that Trump will win this election and that it won't be as close of a race as some might predict. I believe that Clinton will win some key states, but I believe that her record of events like the deleted emails and the deaths in Bengazi will cause many voters to turn to Trump. I believe that her stand on abortion and gun control is going to cause many issues with voters as well.

Tomorrow morning we will wake up and life will go on with whichever one gets elected as the new President. Many Americans do not show respect for the office that Mr. Obama currently holds and I feel as though whether you agree with who is in the White House or not, that they should be respected with the utmost respect as they are the leader in chief. I feel that this lack of respect has gotten us to the point that we are in this election.

I feel that there are some important issues in this election that neither of them have been very responsive about and some that they have talked about and their ideas seem to not be good ones. I see the main issues being jobs, healthcare, foreign affairs, and immigration. I could give my opinion on these things but I feel that it is not necessary.

God needs to make this country great again! Without him, we are nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prayers for each of us as the new year and the new President takes office. May God lead us!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Crazy Thing Called Life

Life seems to be flying by these days and there are so many things happening that I can hardly find time to keep up with myself these days. I was not home a single weekend in October and as November approaches, I find that the same thing is true this month as well. My date book is filling up quickly and I still know of a few things that I know I want to add to the calendar.

I have shared laughs and tears with friends, enjoyed a wonderful Girls Night Out with author Karen Kingsbury ( if you haven't ever read one of her books do so now!), been camping, and enjoyed a nice afternoon with my friend and my grand doll just photographing her in her natural beauty. I have enjoyed the wonderfully warm weather that we have had recently and will continue to enjoy it as long as possible.

I will be camping again this weekend with friends and family. My girls are going with us this weekend with their boyfriends as well. It will be a nice getaway and hopefully, I will get to do some riding as well since we are taking the horses too. The grand doll will be with us but she enjoys being outside so it won't be an issue. The biggest obstacle will be getting her to stay away from the horses other than when we want her to be with them. She enjoys playing with the neighbor's dog as well and so I am sure she will be entertained the entire time.

Speaking of the grand doll, we spoke to the doctor this week about how bowlegged she is and we are being sent to see an orthopedic doctor next week. The doctor is concerned that she may have a vitamin D deficiency that is causing it. They drew blood, which was very hard for this grandmother to see being done. The pediatrician is a new one and so she was thorough and I appreciate that. She listened to our concerns and did necessary work to find out if there is an issue.

Now, for those of you that do not know the story, I basically became a grandmother overnight. My daughter went to the doctor believing that she might have a tumor and found out that she was pregnant. She had been taking birth control and had just had a pregnancy test a couple of months prior, which was negative. The ultrasound showed she was due in three weeks. Thinking we had three weeks to prepare for a child was draining to say the least, but when she went into labor the next morning and our three weeks turned into 19 hours, you can only imagine the range of emotions that you have.  Fearing that the child would surely come out missing limbs as my daughter had been with no prenatal care and barrel racing her horse only the weekend prior, this grandma was thrilled to see a healthy baby. Now my fears are a little more real that she may have some problems that will take some time to fix. I have turned it to God though as His plan is to be revealed.

For the upcoming appointment with the ortho doctor, I am nervous and a little concerned, but I am truly trying to remain the optimist as my husband worries for both of us. I am hoping that the worse may be braces for a bit. As she wanted to play outside this week, I have been more aware of just how important it is that she play. She can climb the ladder to her small slide, she can push her toy by herself, she runs and walks with little coordination issues and I appreciate her little cowboy walk, bowlegged and all. As I watched her play, I just stopped to take in the small things that a child with braces might not be able to do as well. How pleasant and bittersweet that moment was! I truly believe that God was working at that moment saying , " Do not fret, my daughter, for I am here".

Well, my weekend is about to begin as I am going to the park a day earlier than my husband so I better get busy. Take care and have a good weekend whatever your plans are.

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