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Will We Make It?

Whew! When you hear the day I am going to have, you will be tired. It started about an hour ago when I woke up and began the day. Of course, farm life is a busy one, but this is not farm work calling my name really. I am leaving later today for a long planned trip to Myrtle Beach for a trip with my daughter, her fiancé, and some of his friends. Sounds like an easy day, right? It might be if that was all I had to do today. The day started early though, because as many know, I help my in-laws quite often and I have several things of paperwork to do for them. I also have to get some things lined out for the sitter that will be with the grand doll as we are potty training and it needs to go smoothly. ( I hate leaving her even though I know I am getting burned out.) My husband is like a kid so I must make sure things are ready for him as well. I need to leave at 7:30 a.m. this morning to head about 2 hours north of home to my Pink Zebra rally. I am super excited about it, but I wish it

Bill Cosby: American Dad to American Sexual Predator

Bill Cosby, a well-known actor and comedian that at one time was considered America's Dad due to the success of The Cosby Show and the love people had for the actor himself has now fallen from grace as he was escorted off to prison on Tues. Sept. labeled a violent sexual predator by a judge and has many more accusers than what he was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for. Cosby, age 81, has been accused by more than 60 women of sexual assault. This sentence on Tuesday came following a long trial on sexual assault against Andrea Constand. Constand maintains that she was drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby while she was employed at Temple University and he was a member of the board there. Her case is one of the only ones that could still be taken to court due to the statute of limitations for others. Miss Constand maintains that she knew Cosby through her work at the university and that she considered him a friend, but that on a fateful night in 2004 her life changed when Cos

Talent Abounds on "America's Got Talent" Finale

If you have  missed this season of "America's Got Talent", you may have well missed the best season yet. I have not always been a huge fan of the show, but this year the talent has captivated me and the people have lives that have fascinated me as well. The final 10 performed last night and let me tell you the stage was full of raw, electric talent! Amazingly different personalities and lifestyles were represented but the talent that was there on that stage was refreshing, electrifying, energizing, and completely astonishing!! I believe that the judges were blown away by what performances were done last night and I believe that it will be hard to pick a winner based on talent. Of course, I have my favorites and so I will talk of them. There are three people that completely stole my heart this season and they all three have made it this far and I hate to see any of them walk away tonight without the title of "America's Got Talent" winner. I would personal

Successful Campout _ Brown County State Park, Horsemen's Camp

Well, fall is officially here as we have now been on our Labor Day Campout. UGH!! I hate to even say those words as I know winter is sure to be right around the corner as well. However, it was a successful campout filled with good friends, good food, and lots of fun! Our neighbors own horses and we have become good friends over the years and we camp with them quite often. We usually go to Brown County State Park to camp with the horses and this time was no different. We did not take our horses this time as I had the grand daughter most of the weekend so I would not have ridden anyway. We will take them in October though and ride as the weather will hopefully, have cooled down some and we can actually enjoy riding. We made a couple of trips to the nature center and we spent some time at the playground. We personally are friends with the gentleman that operates the saddle barn, Jordan and we always visit with him and the grand doll rides a pony or two or three. ( Three this time). He