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Beginning of A New Week

Hello my friends! It is the start of a new week and so I plan to make some goals that I will attempt to finish by Friday here. I am hoping to renew my online earnings this week and that starts with updating this blog as well as my Pink Zebra blog at least three times this week. I hope to make Monday, Wednesday and Friday blog posts this week on both blogs. Another goal that I have is to get a few new customers for my Pink Zebra business by the end of the week. I am super excited about the new catalog and I want to share it with as many as I can. The fall scents are the best I have ever seen us have and I know you all will want some! I want to get busy planning a huge fall and winter sale and I hope to share that with each of you as well. If you love for your home to smell like fall, you will want to check out my website  here. Another goal that I have set for myself this week is to walk over 5000 steps a day and I wear a bracelet similar to a fitbit so I will be able to track them

Senseless Deaths

I normally would be writing Friday FunBits, but it is with a heavy heart that I am writing this article today. Crime in our state is becoming continually worse as I am sure it is in most states. Our entire nation and the entire world seems to be on a downward spiral where respect for authority is obsolete and we, as citizens need to take back our towns, streets, cities, etc. Senseless crimes and killings HAVE TO STOP!!! I write with a heavy heart because two police men died yesterday in Indiana and both were senseless, but one was absolutely devastating. One gentleman died following an accident in which he slowed for debris on the road and a semi rear ended him. An accident - yes, but senseless. I am sure the driver was following too close and running too fast. People, as we drive, we need to slow down! Life flies by and I understand that , but are we in such a hurry that we should cost another driver his or her life. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! The second officer to lose his life yesterday i

Needing an Income

Hey friends! How is everyone today? I'm fine and hoping this finds each of you the same. I am thankful to say that even though I don't feel well, I have managed a few tasks today. I am truly not sure why I feel as I do, but I just can't pinpoint anything wrong, I just don't feel good. Maybe the heat yesterday or something, but just feel blah. A long list of chores awaited me today and I am sorry to say that I only managed a few of them. Weeds have been sprayed with weed killer, my mother in law was taken to an appointment, my trip to the library was completed, and the horse has been out to the other pasture to eat. However, I have 4 dozen ears of corn that need to be blanched and frozen, dinner needs to be cooked, a trip to the store to purchase animal feed is in my evening, my quilting is calling my name, dishes from this mornings' snack are still in the sink ( which is very unusual for me) and my vacuuming still is on the list. I also need to figure out where  I

One Tired Mamaw

As many of my friends here know, I love my grand doll to the moon and back. She has always been a huge part of our lives since she entered this world and she loves to be with us. She calls me and her momma both mommy. She loves her papaw and she loves to ride on his tractor. He is more than happy to take her for a very slow ride when he is able to do it. Last night was one of those nice evenings that once the sun set, the weather was just too nice to be inside. After making a quick trip to town for a few things, we went out to let the horse eat some green grass and see the baby. After her bath, she was outside and wanting to ride the tractor. Papaw gave her a ride and she was happy, but decided that she did not want to stop and she did not want to sleep at home. Mamaw and Papaw do not mind having her spend the night, so we agreed after a short talk with mom that she would spent the night with us. Now, being that she lives next door to us, it really isn't any big trip. I talked

Friday Fun Bits Week 2

Hello Friends!  I am excited about sharing this Friday post with you even though it is being written on Sunday evening. I just got out of a nice relaxing bubble bath and I am enjoying a glass of Riesling wine. It is not one of my favorites, but it isn't bad. This week has been a hot and humid one and it was county fair week. Whew! What a combination! Last Saturday evening, my husband and I made a trip to the fair to see our neighbor girl show in a trail class. We got there too late and he was disappointed that nothing was open, but fair officially opens on Sunday so I knew that it would be a quiet night. Sunday was the opening day and it is always a long day as that is Western show day. Our neighbor was showing in several classes so I wanted to be there most of the day. I did get to look at a few of the other animals that day and took a quick look at all of the grand champion and reserve grand champion projects. How I miss looking to see if my daughter won either of those. It

Friday Fun Bits

Friday is the start of the weekend and for many of you that means two days in a row off to spend with family, yardwork, etc. Being a stay at home wife means that I am here on the hobby farm on the weekend the same as other days of the week and it means that I usually have my grand doll since her mom usually works on the weekend. ( Bum deal for mom, but fun for mammaw)  As my morning began earlier than normal today as the daughter began a possible new job, I have thought about my blog all day and realized that I need something to keep me coming here to write on a more daily basis. I have tried calendars, special thoughts, etc. but somewhere I seem to always get sidetracked. This week is going to hopefully be the last sidetracked day. I plan to do some playing with my blog and see if I can find a way to keep myself returning on a more normal basis and give you, my readers, a more interesting read.  Friday used to be the day that I shared a farm report on Associated Content and once i

Oh The Rain!

Yesterday was a day from a nightmare. Over 6 inches of rain fell in our little corner of the world in about 4 hours and it wreaked havoc on towns near us. Luckily, most of the flooding was north of us, but it was awful as people were evacuated from their homes and many were hastily sandbagging in order to not lose precious belongings. My hubby and I were out in it as we had to take some elderly friends of ours to the doctor and I am thankful that he was driving as I don't think that I could have made it safely as you could not see much. The rain literally looked as though it was coming in sheets. It rained and rained and rained some more. My hometown is about 15 miles north of where I live now and it was flooded bad. The cemetery had over 2 feet of water in it before the waters began to recede. Most of the water arrived after the rains had stopped due to the heavy amounts of rain that fell north of there and traveled down a creek that was already full. The area was hit in 2008

Summer is Slipping Away

I don't know about your house, but here on the farm it seems that summer is slipping away. Our local county fairs are the next two weeks and then school starts back in a couple of weeks after that. I truly don't understand why school has to start before Labor Day now, but it does. Farm chores are year round whether the sun is shining or the snow is flying but summer sure makes most of those easier. We have had a busy summer. We done our usual 9 day vacation with the horses, kids, and our neighbors as well as a few extra friends. We have done a couple of campouts with our neighbors at the local state park as well. Sitting out in the evening after the sun has set and talking is sure a break from the hectic lifestyle that we all seem to have these days. More camping is planned and I am looking forward to those trips. My husband and I purchased a new horse a couple of days ago. His official name is Blues Ramblin Man, but his barn name is Rambler. I am excited to say that my gra