Friday Fun Bits

Friday is the start of the weekend and for many of you that means two days in a row off to spend with family, yardwork, etc. Being a stay at home wife means that I am here on the hobby farm on the weekend the same as other days of the week and it means that I usually have my grand doll since her mom usually works on the weekend. ( Bum deal for mom, but fun for mammaw)

 As my morning began earlier than normal today as the daughter began a possible new job, I have thought about my blog all day and realized that I need something to keep me coming here to write on a more daily basis. I have tried calendars, special thoughts, etc. but somewhere I seem to always get sidetracked. This week is going to hopefully be the last sidetracked day. I plan to do some playing with my blog and see if I can find a way to keep myself returning on a more normal basis and give you, my readers, a more interesting read.

 Friday used to be the day that I shared a farm report on Associated Content and once it closed, I found the blog helpful but it seems to have over the last year really became a past time that I occasionally remember to post too. That will change!

 I want to try to make each day have a particular theme for a month and see how that goes. It may mean that I must be a little more creative, but I would enjoy that and so I hope that you enjoy the next month. Please feel free to leave me feedback on things that you think will work as I write the next month and things that aren't so great. I appreciate a little criticism.

Friday Fun Bits is going to just be a quick review of my week and things that I know are coming up the following week. I may spice it up a little or I may find that I need to change it but for the next couple of weeks, please look for my Friday Fun Bits.

Our county fair starts next week and I can hardly wait. It is the fair that my daughter was so involved in and for us, she is now too old for 4 H and we only can wait till the grand doll is ready to begin. Now, Pappaw is not a fan so he will probably not go much, but I can say that I am looking forward to the beginning. I am going to attempt to attend every day for some part of the day and I will certainly be attempting to get plenty of photos as well. I can share with you my readers and friends.

Friday is usually a day of cleaning for me since I have the doll on the weekends, but today it has not been . I went to breakfast with a dear elderly couple that are like parents to us and had a nice time. Once I returned home, I had the doll for a few hours and since I forgot to tell her mom to take lunch to the new job possibility, I decided that I would take her some as well as a cold drink since I knew she was outside and it was hot! The doll went with me and once our visit with mom was over, we took a walk around the place and enjoyed seeing the animals that are there. Goats, sheep, alpacas, a pony, a mini donkey and baby, and chickens were all a part of our walk. She enjoyed petting the animals especially the sheep.  Yes, we have a small hobby farm, but she enjoys all animals.

Speaking of animals, my daughter brought home a baby bunny last night that her and her fiancé found missing a momma. I am not sure of the age of it, but it seems young and I am sure it is loving it's new home which is a box and blanket. I am sure he is enjoying the hand feedings and things that my daughter has done to make him feel at home. When I asked, why? She stated, " well, mom I could not leave it without a mommy". I guess I could not argue with that logic!

Well, enough of my babbling for one day. What is your Friday Fun Bit?


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