Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One Tired Mamaw

As many of my friends here know, I love my grand doll to the moon and back. She has always been a huge part of our lives since she entered this world and she loves to be with us. She calls me and her momma both mommy. She loves her papaw and she loves to ride on his tractor. He is more than happy to take her for a very slow ride when he is able to do it.

Last night was one of those nice evenings that once the sun set, the weather was just too nice to be inside. After making a quick trip to town for a few things, we went out to let the horse eat some green grass and see the baby. After her bath, she was outside and wanting to ride the tractor. Papaw gave her a ride and she was happy, but decided that she did not want to stop and she did not want to sleep at home.

Mamaw and Papaw do not mind having her spend the night, so we agreed after a short talk with mom that she would spent the night with us. Now, being that she lives next door to us, it really isn't any big trip. I talked to her and reminded her that she had to sleep though. She was fine until we put her to bed and then decided that she was not sleepy. She played, cried, watched a show, cried, played and kept asking for a ride on the tractor. It was after 2 a.m. when she finally went to sleep. UGH!!! We were both tired but of course, I was too tired to sleep. I hate that but it happens. ( Often, to me.)

After finally falling asleep, I managed to get about 2 hours in before she decided to wake again and remain awake another hour. When the alarm went off at 7, she was sleeping peacefully in our bed and looked like an angel. How precious but how awful a night it had been. It is amazing to me that they can make a bad evening seem so peaceful just by the look on their face when they are sleeping.

I hope you all have a good day. I am headed to make dinner prep and then mow. I might work on my porch today as well. Here's to a good night's sleep!!
This is the sweet doll that I speak of but this is not the tractor that she rides on. These are much too dangerous to have children on.

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