Sunday, July 23, 2017

Friday Fun Bits Week 2

Hello Friends!

 I am excited about sharing this Friday post with you even though it is being written on Sunday evening. I just got out of a nice relaxing bubble bath and I am enjoying a glass of Riesling wine. It is not one of my favorites, but it isn't bad. This week has been a hot and humid one and it was county fair week. Whew! What a combination!

Last Saturday evening, my husband and I made a trip to the fair to see our neighbor girl show in a trail class. We got there too late and he was disappointed that nothing was open, but fair officially opens on Sunday so I knew that it would be a quiet night.

Sunday was the opening day and it is always a long day as that is Western show day. Our neighbor was showing in several classes so I wanted to be there most of the day. I did get to look at a few of the other animals that day and took a quick look at all of the grand champion and reserve grand champion projects. How I miss looking to see if my daughter won either of those. It was a long day but a nice breeze was blowing so the weather was not a real issue.

Monday, my oldest daughter's boyfriends' niece was showing goats and got champion on it. She was the only one in the class so fairly easy work. Monday night was also a concert by a local band, Blue River Band, and I truly enjoy them! I enjoyed listening to them and I enjoyed seeing some dear friends that I had not seen in a while. They always put on such a great show and they certainly came through again this year!

Tuesday brought another full day of activities. Tuesday evening is always a fun day since it is costume class for the horse club. Our neighbor was excited about making her horse look like a tiger since her stall was decorated with a beware sign and had orange and black crepe paper on it. She was dressed as a zoo keeper. It was cute but she placed 6th as there were many more creative ones than her.  I think each day the weather got a little warmer and a little more humid. Tuesday was also kids day and I was able to take the grand doll and she thoroughly enjoyed the rides. She was able to ride all of the kiddie rides but a couple by herself. It was nice in a way, but in another way very upsetting as she is growing into quite a young lady and I don't like it.

Wednesday was Pee-Wee Goat Showmanship and my daughters' boyfriends' nephew was showing in it. He done a wonderful job and he is so cute that I am sure the judge fell in love with him! I am pleased to say that he won! At 6 years old, he won grand champion in the division.  For the horses, it was the beginning of the contesting and so everyone seemed to show up to take place in that. It makes for a fun night.

Thursday was the fun show and another night of contesting for the horse club. It was a fun but very hot afternoon! The day brought a couple of falls from horses, but luckily no one was hurt. That night during barrels there was an accident and a young girl was taken by ambulance to the local hospital after she fell from the horse when her saddle broke. Thankfully, she was well enough to return shortly and run flags later that evening. Our neighbor ran that night too and she placed fourth in her class.

Thursday is always the wind down to the fair as that is the evening that the animals leave unless they are being sold on auction night. We rarely walk through the barns that day as we know what is happening and it is sad to see the week wind down. We usually watch pig shows that day and we watch the master showmanship as well as farmers Olympics and any other classes that might be  happening that day. Horses are contesting again that night and it is usually a long evening.

Friday brings the buyers dinner and auction. Our meal this year was beef brisket sandwich with baked beans, potato salad and a drink along with a coupon for free homemade ice cream from the local FFA. It is always a pleasant treat and certainly was enjoyable with the heat index being over 100 even at 7 p.m. The demolition derby is on Friday and Saturday night but I did not stay to watch it as my husband and his business partner had 2 cars that they had for sale stolen. It brought a nice week to a screeching halt as we had to contact the police, find vin numbers, etc.

IF you never attend your county fair, please do so the next time it is in town. Please take a moment to tell one kid how pleasant it is to see them being responsible and staying out of trouble. Most 4 H kids are good kids and free from trouble as they simply do not have time to do other things. Plus, it is one time of the year for them to shine and it seems that the fairs are losing attendees each year. It is time to get back a great program and tradition.

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