Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Decorating Ideas

As I am attempting to finally get some changes in my home now that my daughter has moved and I have a spare room to make into the granddolls room and my office, I've researched some of what is hot for spring decorating. I thought that the farm post today would be about that - decorating.

One of the best things about any season is comfort and cozy! You must be comfortable with what you put in your home and I believe that it must be cozy. Whether you add new paint, new furniture, new pillows, or just a new throw make it cozy. Spring weather can bring about warm days but in the Midwest, you will still see many cool days and cold mornings. ( About 27 degrees as I write this, where I live.)

Farm House style is another big returning décor trend for 2017. As I live in a home on a small hobby farm, I like that idea. Wood tile, charming rustic pieces, items that have been repurposed are all great assets in a farm house. Signs that have simple sayings are always a plus in a farm house look. An old egg basket to hold books on a coffee table or entry table would be a great addition to any home. Make an old trunk into a table and create a new look for the entire room.

Plants are a nice addition to a room any time, but a trend in spring 2017. To further create some style, use a nice copper pot or planter. Copper is hot 2017! If you don't like copper, add them to a milk bottle, an old boot or shoe, a bucket, maybe even an old straw hat. Make your home one that invites others to look around and showcase your taste.

Color for 2017 is important too. Not every room needs to be white with colored accessories. Blues are huge this year. Reds and lime green are popular as well. If you are going for comfort, I would recommend more subtle colors like pink or yellow. Even earthy greens if you are going for a more natural look or even with a farm house theme.

Butterflies, textures, porcelain, especially raw white, and actual art will be making big statements in the year. Spring and butterflies seem to go together and so expect to see many decorators using them. Maybe a few would be okay, but I am not a huge fan of them for decorating purposes personally. I am sure that many homes will subtly add them to the décor and it will be a nice touch. I will consider it possibly in my office or hall. I don't think they will be going into my living room or kitchen and certainly not my bedroom.

The best tip in my opinion is to decorate with your taste in mind. I am not a fan of pink, so you won't see much pink in my home. Now in my office, I am considering pink since I am a Pink Zebra Independent Consultant. Whether I will paint the walls pink or not is a whole new story. My room is currently lime green, which is a big trend this year. Who knows what I will do with the room. I am considering a green kitchen. Hmmm! Pondering for the day!

Have a great day!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Quick Update

Hello All! What a year it has been! As we are heading into spring and will soon be into April, I must say that I have had my fill of 2017. I know it is early, but seriously. It began with my husband waking up on Jan. 8 unable to walk, then surgery 22 days later, then grandbaby sick, then me, then my mother in law. She ended up in the hospital and rehab for 30 days to build up her strength. My granddoll and I have been sick for what seems like months. UGH!!!

I believe our issues started when the grand got sick with RSV and it was not treated as such. She was treated for Amoxicillin for an ear infection and nothing else. I was treated for my upper respiratory infection, but I am still coughing and it has been over a month. She is still fighting ear infection as well. It just seems that we can't get well.

My husband is in therapy now and is beginning to get around better, but the symptoms are still with him some. He still shows signs of drop foot and just a day or two ago, tripped because of it. Seems to be more when he is tired, but overall is still not completely healed. Therapy seems to be torture to him, but I am sure that he is thankful that he is getting it.

Life goes on and my daughter and granddoll have now moved next door so I am busy trying to set up a craft room and an office as well as making half of the room for the doll. She will be spending nights, many I hope, with Mamaw and Papaw. I miss her when she is not here! Some days though, it is nice that she can stay with us and then go home.

Well, enjoy your day! Remember that the Bible says there is a season for everything and that 'this too shall pass". That is what has gotten me through the year so far!

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