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Fall and Its Beauty

 October is in full force here, but the weather sure is odd this year. We are usually at peak color around this time and we have just barely started to see color on our trees. As I look out the window, I see a little orange and yellow, but not much. Our county is known for it's leaves, which drives all the locals crazy as many tourists flock here to see leaves. The same leaves that are in their own yards and change the same as ours do, but they just feel they see them better here. The photo below is a Google Image, but it looks like our road when color is at its' prime.  Red, yellow, and orange can usually be seen in abundance here, but I must say that I don't usually notice until it looks like this on my drive out. My friends love to visit in the fall because of the colors.  This photo is a Google Image too, but I love it. Each morning, I find chickens on our porch banister and I have thought many times that if I placed pumpkins in my window sill, they would attempt to pec
Image Provided by Google                    Hello! It's a rainy Sunday here on the farm and I must say that I am not feeling the best either. I have a migraine and I truly struggle with them these days. I feel that I can't get my Excedrin to help with them anymore either. Do any of you struggle with migraines and what seems to help? I have used peppermint oil to help as well, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good these days either.  Life has been crazy these days. I have made several short trips with my daughter and grands. We went to Michigan and enjoyed a few days there. We have gone to the Creation Museum and the Newport Aquarium for fall break and enjoyed the time there as well. It was a celebration of the granddoll enjoying school and doing very well there and then a birthday celebration for the little one. Hard to believe she is a year old and many of you know that I have struggled with her and feelings that I have. I am still struggling and she is a very differen