Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year to each of you! May your year be full of happiness, good health, wealth, friends, family, and many blessings. I wish only the best for each of you and I will be praying for each of you as well. 

Do you make resolutions this time of the year? I am not this year, although I have in the past. I set goals, but I never set things to the point that I can't reach them if I try hard enough. I set goals for my personal life and my professional life. I set family goals and life goals. I usually choose a word for the year and this year it is FREEDOM. Freedom from the struggles that I have had this year and freedom from the financial struggles that have came along this year. Freedom from the many problems that I have had with my feet. Lastly, freedom from the pain that I have endured this past year. 

I have some goals set from my word as well. I want to make more money with my Pink Zebra business and I want to pay off some bills that I have struggled with recently. I plan to find a new job as well that I can work without being on my feet so much. I am hoping to find something that will allow me to stay home and still work. 

My other goals are to keep my home more organized and I will be working to have an office outside of the home, as in a small shed, later this spring or summer. I need my own space and I need to be away from all of the distractions that arise at home. I will be posting photos of that project as it comes about. I have the shed, which is a big start. My Pink Zebra stock and business will be housed in this. 

I also have goals to travel more this year. I have three trips that are huge to me that I would like to take this year and I plan to make them happen. I will keep you all posted as though begin to be planned as well. Oklahoma is one of the places that I am hoping to make it to this year. My grand doll has grand plans to go to Hawaii this year, but I believe that we will have to add that to our bucket list. Where do you plan to travel this year?


Monday, December 26, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday - December 26, 2022


Good snowy, cold Monday morning! The past week has been a challenge to so many across the United States struggling with this massive winter storm that brought artic temperatures with it. I know many have struggled to keep warm and deal with frozen pipes. Even in areas that are accustomed to snow and cold, this brutal bout of cold has been difficult.

                                                  :::::The Weather::::

   We have already discussed the weather, but our next few days are looking better. Tomorrow we should be above freezing for the first time since Thursday and in the mid 50's by the weekend. The weather man is saying that the warmer air is coming, but so is the rain.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas

Santa Claus is on his way, are you ready? I am finishing up some last minute things and then my husband and I are putting together a Barbie Dream House for the grands. We will enjoy a few quiet minutes in front of the tree and then it will be to bed for a few hours sleep before our home is invaded by grands. 

From our house to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Keep an eye open for the man in the red suit as he is watching. Remember the pretty packages with the bows are nice, but the real reason for the season is the baby child that was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manager so many years ago. Jesus is truly what the season is about and I am happy to say that my grand baby is aware of that and the others will be as well. 

God bless you! Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 9, 2022

Celebrating Christmas With Friends

 Last night was a night full of friends, fun, and some amazing music. A dear friend of mine, Libby had purchased a concert ticket for a few of us as a Christmas present and I must say that it was a blessing. I had reservations about going due to the foot issues, but I am thankful that I went. There were a couple of hiccups due to having to walk a flight of steps that I was unaware of; I managed and had a nice evening. 

The concert was sponsored by K Love a Christian music station and was a Christmas Celebration with Danny Gokey  and Natalie Grant. Each singer is immensely talented and brings an energy to the stage that is unsurpassed. Together they brought the spirit of Christ and Christmas to each person in the crowd. Each performer brought a different element to the stage and provided a musical experience that will not be forgotten. 

Danny Gokey may best be known for his time on American Idol. His performances landed him a third place finish in Season 8 and has given him the opportunity to go on to do many performances and recordings. His voice is amazing and his stage presence is one of professionalism and fun rolled in together.  

The stage was a picture perfect scene for any Christmas music fan. There was even snow falling behind them as they sang. 

I had never heard Natalie Grant before, but her talent is absolutely breathtaking. Her range of song styles was such a blessing. I am certainly a fan of hers now and will be listening to more of her music. 

If you would like to hear a sample of what we heard last night, here is a video of The Prayer! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday Morning Smiles

 Let's try to start a new party here! Let's make Sunday morning for smiles. I would love for each of you to link to this post if possible. Share a post here that will make others smile on this amazing day that the Lord has made.

I have a full day of things planned as it is our annual friends Christmas party. I will share my goodies another day so that each of you are able to see the thoughtful gifts that my friends give me. There are 6 of us that will be attending, but two of them are my daughters so I won't receive gifts from them today as we will wait till Christmas. We are meeting for a lunch today instead of at someone's house and I am thrilled to be able to walk into the restaurant, although I am still in some pain. 

While my kids were on their Thanksgiving trip, they took the grands to Bass Pro Shop and were able to have pictures taken with Santa. 

Isn't this one of the cutest photos ever? I sure do love these girls and I can't imagine life without them. Many of you know that the youngest one was a hard adjustment for me, but I have learned to love her and she is just as special as the older one. I am thankful for both of them as God placed them here for a reason. The older one has a heart that longs for Gods' word. She is so intelligent and she loves school. She just made the A/B honor roll! The younger one is full of smiles and has so much energy. She is learning so much and I am sure she will follow in her sisters' footsteps when she starts school.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet? With the foot surgery, I am limited in what I can do and I am thankful for the decorations that I have up, but my husband and I do not have a tree yet and that upsets me. I hope we can go this week and get one. We always do a live tree and so we have to wait until December. but I am so ready. I have a few decorations up and I know that we are not going to do as many as normal, but I need more than I have. 

I hope this brings smiles to your faces and I hope you have a blessed Sunday. 

I tried to add a link to allow others to share their post here as well, but I can't seem to get it to work at the moment. I hope you will each leave your link below in the comments. Thanks, 

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