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My attempt at writing a book

Courtney slowly pulled into the log drive that leads to her family farm. Regretting her decision to return to the small town that she swore she would never return to, she opens the rusty truck door and looks around. The farm looks the same from the dilapidated barns to the old fences which used to hold the horses she loved so much. Since graduation, she had been on the road- new cities, new rodeos and shows, new adventures each week. Now, after a fall from her beloved quarter horse, Tyson, that left her unable to ride at the moment she was returning to the only home she had ever had. Not one that held fabulous memories, but the place that she knew as home. She wondered who was left in town. She wondered if anyone would recognize her. She wondered what life would be like her with her sister since her parents had passed. She had not returned for the funerals as she was out on the circuit and found no time to return. The show must go on, that was the truth,wasn't it? Her dad had alw