Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Tidbits

Life here on the farm has been full of challenges lately and I am ready for some changes. Many of you are aware of the surgeries that my grand doll has had on her legs, but I am happy to say that following the last one, which removed the pins and plate from her right leg, she has recovered nicely and is a ball of energy again. Praise God that her right leg is finally straight and pray that the left one straightens up as well.

I can't remember if I have shared much about my mother in law or not, but she has been suffering with hallucinations for over a month now and we truly have  no idea as to what has caused them. Doctors have made medicine changes and "guessed" at many things. Her time in rehab is almost over and so we are at a point that we must decide whether she comes home or goes to assisted living and I believe that is the direction we are heading. Her husband is 10 years older than her and so he truly is not capable of taking care of her in the manner she needs. She has home health but she truly needs more care than I feel they can give.

The weather across the United States seems to be bi-polar and I am truly ready for spring. I am over the rain, snow, and cold. I am tired of the wood stove and the work that comes with it. I am just ready for spring. Here is a picture taken out my front door this morning.
It rained all day yesterday and sometime around 7 pm. we began having ice and snow. UGH!!! My yard needs to be cleaned up and grass seed planted and I need to be outside. I can't do any of that with this kind of weather and it is not to warm up much above the 40's for  a few days. 
I decided when I went to get my hair cut on Friday that I truly needed to buy some flowers for the house. I needed something that shouted spring for my home. I found some fresh flowers at Kroger on sale and decided that I would bring them home. 
 I actually got two vases of flowers out of them. I set one in the kitchen and one in my living room so that I could enjoy them. I may have to go see if I can find more this week.

My husband must have spring fever as well. He has been buying bird seed lately and he surprised me with this bird feeder a few days ago. It has space for two suet cakes and the large feed area. I love it and asked him if he would place it on a large column outside my window so I can actually see the birds better. My grand doll has suddenly been fascinated with birds as well.

I also hung this little sign that a friend of mine got for me around Christmas. I think it's message is very clear. It's great advice for all of us!
Another thing we are doing around the farm is repairs and remodels. The house is our biggest challenge and so we are slowly doing some to it. My kitchen is probably my least favorite room of the house and so I believe that little things make a huge difference. My husband installed a new kitchen faucet for me this week and I love it! 
What do you think? The little pump is called a lotion bottle, but I put hand soap in it as we are always washing our hands here. I will be painting this room this week and putting some wallpaper up as a backsplash. I will show you before and after pictures when I get done. 

Have a great Sunday! Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Missing 8 Month Old

An 8 month old baby from Indianapolis, IN was last seen by her mother on Thursday or Friday (conflicting stories) and was reported missing on Saturday. By no means am I a trained investigator or police officer, but I am a mother and grandmother and this story simply breaks my heart and watching interviews with this young girl makes me furious as she seems to show no remorse or real concern that her child is gone.

Amiah Robertson, an 8 month old baby is gone and no one seems to have any idea as to where she is. How, why?Amiah is a white female with blond hair and blue eyes. She weighs about 13 pounds. She is believed to be in extreme danger and may require medical assistance. A young mother that says she left her with her boyfriend who was taking her to a sitter and that he was a little upset with her because she was getting back together with the child's father. What kind of lame explanation is that? Supposedly that was Thursday and she did not report her missing until Saturday??????

I am sorry but why would you allow a boyfriend, that really is not a boyfriend if you are back together with the child's father to take that child anywhere especially if he is upset? Why would you not have your child with you? Before anyone asks, she was not working. She was supposedly at a Motel 6 with one of these boys. 

Her daughter is missing and has been for a week and she hardly sheds a tear on television, can't seem to mention when she held her last, the only clothing description she gives is that she was in a one piece outfit. Seriously, I would know details!!!!!!

Yesterday evening and today, police have searched a creek where I am assuming that one of these boys was seen sometime this week and have said that items were recovered from the area but that they are unsure if they are related to the case. It is rather cold here and has been below freezing or near freezing quite a bit the last few days, if they child was left there, I am sure she is not alive now. How sad!

A message to young women: If you are not ready for the responsibility that comes with a child, DO NOT HAVE THEM TO THROW THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Surgery Update

Just a quick post to let everyone in my blog world know that my grand doll came through surgery just fine. She is in some pain, but all hardware is gone from the right leg as it is now straight (Praise God!) Her left leg had to have all the hardware replaced in it as the doctor was concerned that the plate might be bent from the screw being broken off. She said it did not appear to be but that she wanted to make sure that all was well. Praise God once again!

 I am thankful for a doctor that explains what is going on and gives us the information that we need to make correct choices. I am also thankful that she is doing well. She has been walking since about 3 hours after surgery, although slower and with some help. I truly believe she thinks that she can't walk due to the bandages on her legs. At age 3, I will say that she is a real trooper. I told her today that she was a super hero!

I am still not well, but doing better. Mother in law is in rehab getting the care that she needs. I am hoping that my husband and I can possible sneak away this weekend one night and get some well deserved alone time!!!

My super hero with her baby chick on her shoulder!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Another Sick Week and Grand Doll Updates

Well, the farm certainly needs to see some sunshine, feel the spring warmth, and give us some time to heal and feel better. Sick is the word of the week here!  It seems that everytime I feel better it is only for a day or two and then watch out!

As most of my faithful readers and friends know, I have been extremely busy with my mother in law. Something happened with her 2 weeks ago this past Friday following a urinary tract infection and things spiraled fast downhill. We are still having hallucinations of bugs and worms, but she is fully alert and can tell us what is going on each day and where she is, date, President and many other important details. Seeing multiple doctors and visiting three hospitals, did not get us any answers and has actually caused more issues due to the changes that were made in her meds.  I have tried for over a week now to get her into a rehab facility where she can receive more specialized care and some physical therapy that she desperately needs. It's a battle but I may be winning.

My husband came down sick this past week due to the stress with his mom and being in and out of so many "sick" places. The doctor started him on antibiotics and Prednisone last week to open his lungs up. She said he had some type of illness started and she wanted to get a jump on it. Of course, I do not like Prednisone as it certainly can alter your personality and after taking two days of it, I can see that he is short tempered and a little grouchy. I have to look over him.

I slept most of the day yesterday as I am just tired of being busy and playing doctor and nurse to my mother in law. I have done research on meds, infections, and tried to figure out what happened with her that we are having such hallucinations. I have also had to keep close watch on her skin being that she is diabetic and she had places where she seems to have caused the skin to bust open from picking at worms so much. It is just a crazy life right now!!

As most of you also know, my grand doll was diagnosed with Blount's Disease and you can read about it on a separate post. I don't have the link at the moment. She went through surgery to fix the problem and I am thrilled to say that one leg is now straight. Her right leg is exactly as it should be and on Wednesday, she will have surgery to remove the pins and plate that are in there to stop the growth plate from moving. I am happy to say that we are seeing progress with the left as well, but it was worse and so we still have some time on it. However, the surgeon does need to open it as well because she has broke a pin in it and they will replace it this time. She will be down a couple of days, but that is ok as she is getting better. Praise God!!

The baby chicks are getting too big for the tote that they are in but we are still trying to get a chicken coop so I will be doing something different with them this week. I am just not sure of what yet. I will take a picture of them soon and share here, but for now I must get busy with laundry.

The light of my life!

Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Life on the Farm Update

I apologize that I have been so quiet here and I apologize that this post will be rather short. On Tuesday Feb. 19, we began having some medical issues with my mother in law. They progressed rather quickly until she was having hallucinations on that Friday. The family doctor said she thought the cause was an antibiotic that she had been started on and sent us to the hospital for bloodwork.

I won't tell you the hospital story, but she was transferred to a neuro-psychiatric hospital from there instead of being admitted for observation as the family doctor had suggested. She stayed there for three days until I could get her released. Brought her home for one day, took her to another emergency room as the problem continued. The doctor there admitted her and said he would get to the bottom of the problem.

She stayed there for two days and had many tests but we still do not have a diagnosis. They released her on Wednesday evening and we now have her home with the same hallucinations and I am trying to get her into rehab as she has little strength in her legs.

Meanwhile as I am at the second hospital, my grand doll was rushed to the children's hospital when a local hospital read a CT scan and thought she had appendicitis. Thankfully, she did not. She was dehydrated and had gas on her stomach.

What a end to February. Hopefully, things settle down soon, but I sure need the prayers.

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