Saturday, June 29, 2019

Challenging Week- Facing Reality

Reality has hit me hard this week as I have struggled with the loss of two friends this week.  Last week on Friday, I was able to make a drive to Lexington, KY to visit one of them in the hospital as he was losing his battle with cancer and got to share some stories as well as visit with his parents and sister. Watching him as he laid in that bed, knowing that the doctors were just keeping him comfortable was a horrible feeling. He was the same age as my brother and he grew up with us as he lived next door to my granny for many years so any time we visited, we spent time with him and his sister. We also visited with his parents and his grandma many times in my childhood.
Mikey was always a sweet guy who radiated laughter and fun wherever he was. I don't think he ever knew a stranger and he was loved by many. God took a good one! He will certainly be missed!!

The same day that I learned of his death, I learned of the death of another childhood friend, Gina. Her family lived next door to my grandparents in Indiana and we had shared many, many days together. She was one of my earliest friends and her family had been there during many of the dark times of my childhood. She was like a sister to me for many years, but time and life has a way of losing touch with those dear to your heart. We had reconnected recently and I learned that she had suffered strokes and had health issues that had required her to have 24 hour care and she had been sent to live in a long term care facility. However, she met that challenge the same as she lived life- head on, full speed ahead. 

This precious lady had been a cheerleader, member of the color guard, and many other activities in high school that many see as important during those teen years and now, she was unable to take care of herself. How sad! How it made me think of just how precious life is and how short it can be. 
Our recent time together we had gone to Dairy Queen and had ice cream and talked for two or three hours about our lives since we last seen one another. I am so thankful for the time I spent with her! I remember the last day I visited her, I was thinking that I should just do it another day as I was busy, but decided that I just needed to spend the day with her. I am so thankful that I was able to bring some happiness into her life and share those special moments with her.
Gina, you will truly be missed as I travel through the remainder of my life, but you will never be forgotten! 

Until we meet again, may your trail be smooth and your ride be blessed!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Update on Granddoll

For those of you that have been reading my blog for long, you are fully aware that my granddoll is very important to me and that her diagnosis of Blount's Disease was a scary time for myself and well as the rest of the family.

She had another surgery about 3 months ago and I am happy to say that the doctor says her legs are doing good. The right leg is completely straight and doing well. We still have a way to go with her left, but it is much straighter than it was before this journey began almost over 2 years ago.

We return to the doctor in another three months to see how she is improving and I am hoping at that time, we get a true timeline as to when her last surgery will be. I would like this ordeal to be finished before she starts school. It has been a challenging road, but I am thrilled with the surgeon and the progress that we have had so far.

For anyone that does not know what Blount's Disease is, it is a growth disorder of the tibia that causes the lower leg to angle inward, resembling a bowleg. It is also known as "tibia vara". I wrote a post about Blount's Disease, which can be found here

This is a photo that was taken of my grand's legs that shows some  of the bowing. 
Here was early on just a month or so before we were to meet with the surgeon. 
A couple of months ago. You can see the difference in both legs, but tell the left still needs some straightening. 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

I'm Still Here

Oh my, I just looked and was amazed that a week has gone by since I wrote my last post, but nothing else has really changed because it is still raining here. Last Saturday, 10 confirmed tornados touched down in Indiana. Thankfully, we did not have any damage near us.

The rains have been relentless. I believe it has rained 12 out of 19 days of this month. UGH! Areas near us have seen flash flooding and we are seeing roads that have washed away with the force of the water.  Brown County State Park in Nashville, IN is closed due to the high water they are experiencing at Ogle Lake. The water for the park is filtered through the area near the lake and the high water is making it impossible to provide safe water for the park due to the large amount of dirt and stuff because of the flooded lake. They have been closed for a few days and will continue to be throughout the weekend. We have heard that the saddle barn there was flooded as well, but that all livestock are okay. We know the gentleman that runs that barn and I pray that nothing was destroyed.

Thankfully, here at the farm we are surviving the weather. Our weeds are growing stronger than ever. LOL The garden may or may not survive, but thankfully we did not depend on it for the year. The animals have all survived the water as well, but I know they are all wishing for a dry spell. Thankfully, none of the severe storms have done any damage either so God is certainly cradling us in His arms.

Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth! ( and dry)

Thursday, June 13, 2019

What Is Wrong With Mother Nature

What is wrong with Mother Nature? What has upset her so much? Can we fix it? All of these questions have ran through my mind due to the many crazy weather reports we have gotten this year all across the country. It seems as though Mother Nature is upset with all of us and we can't seem to fix it.

Midwest farmers are struggling to get the crops in the fields. Corn production is not expected to be good at all due to all of the rain and flooding that they have suffered this year. Around us, it has been the rain more than the flooding that has caused planting season to not take place. Thankfully, the past week we have had some dry time that has allowed farmers to work many, many late nights to get the planting finished or partially done. Weather forecasts for the next week do not look promising though. Rain, rain, rain is predicted to be the biggest factor in our weather.

Also, cooler than normal temperatures is all that we seem to be seeing. It is only forecast to be in the 60's today. That is cool for this time of the year and we saw lows in the mid 40's near us just a night or two ago. The wind this morning is quite chilly as well. Thankfully, the air conditioning is not running and we have had open windows for many days as well. Nothing healthier than fresh air for the soul!

Pray for the farmers and all who work outside for a living as their livelihood is being affected by the weather.
Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth!

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Window

As I sit here this morning, I am reminded of the wonderful world around us by nothing more than the window. My computer sits by a window that faces the east and due to the cool mornings that we are having, I am able to open it to allow fresh air in each morning.

As I set down here this morning, I just looked and listened a few minutes. I see my granddolls' swing set and bicycle and it reminds me of the innocence that children have and how much I would like to never allow her to experience anything bad. It reminds me that we all need to play a little more and work a little less. Enjoy life instead of life controlling us.

I see a beautiful pink hue to the sky as the sun begins to peek from behind the trees and just above the horizon. How thankful we have been for sunny days lately and specifically, the many farmers near us that have needed a break in the rain to get their planting done. However, it also reminds me of the prayers that need to be sent up for those farmers in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas where it seems as though the rain will never stop and even if it does so many have lost their livelihood to the water this year.

I see trees that will later today bring some shade from the sun. I am reminded how strong those trees are rooted in the ground and yet, how easily it seems that the wind can knock them down. Much like us, we are strong, but with a whisper or even a slight breeze, God can completely change our lives.

I hear a few roosters crowing, which I enjoy for a bit then it seems to annoy me. I want to yell out the window and say, I hear ya and I'm up. I realize though that he is doing the job that God gave him. He is nature's alarm clock. For some reason, it reminds me that God has perfect timing and a perfect plan for the world outside the window.

I hear the ducks quacking. I often wonder why such an odd sound for a duck. They are magnificent creatures and yet, such an odd sound. If anyone has enjoyed all of the rain, I am sure it has been these 4 animals on the farm, but I believe they have had enough this year as well. I have noticed that they are beginning to avoid the wet area of their pen and that when they are loose, they never seem to be "playing" in the water.

I hear birds singing a beautiful song. I often wonder if they were designed to give nature a morning song after the annoying crow of the alarm clock. Birds remind me of church bells for some reason today. I think of church bells as being our reminded that all if well in God's world and maybe that is why the birds sing such a beautiful song early in the morning.

I hope you have enjoyed the window as much as I have. (There are borrowed pictures, but I could not get mine to load.)

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