Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Jan. 31, 2021

I may have used this same image before in a post, but I absolutely love it. As I woke this morning with a severe headache, I was still blessed to know that it is God's day and that it will be a day of rest. I plan to read and spend a quiet day at home with the husband. I managed to do my two Bible Studies within a few minutes of being up, even though I truly did not want to read.  

Reading in Genesis and Exodus and reading stories that I have been taught about all of my life and yet, I am learning things that I had never noticed before. It is amazing to me how Moses listened to God so much in Exodus with anything that God told him and how it tells that God blessed each thing that Moses did. How easy we as Christians forget that what God is asking us to do, He will bless! Somedays we just feel like questioning God as to why we should do what he is asking. 

As I am reading, I am also noticing how many times the color purple is mentioned and being that it is my favorite color, I am watching for things that are purple in the word of God. It seems to be a color that honors God. 

I have promised to share my calendar with you since my last one was not as accurate as it should have been. This one is much more organized and completed than the other. 

I am trying to separate daily home things from my business things on the page. I am daily working my Pink Zebra business more often and I am actively working my social media as well. It amazes me how important social media has become in our lives within the last 5 years and how it has changed the way so many of us do business. 

I also want to share a prayer request with each of you. There is a set of twins in Indiana that suffered a horrible accident and both had fell into a in home pool ( not in their home) and drowned. They are two years old and the little girl has completely recovered, but the little boy was without oxygen much longer and has shown signs of brain trauma from it. His parents are devastated and very tired, but are doing everything in their power to help him get the help that he can and aid in his recovery. His name is Levi and here is a link to the Facebook page for them. Please pray that God wakes Levi up in His time and that Levi can be a miracle that the world needs in such a strange time in our world. 

God Bless Each of You! May your trail be blessed until we meet again!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Business and Vaccine Today

Today is going to be a busy day for me, as most days are. I am thankful for feeling like doing my chores today although my foot does hurt. It is a cloudy, dreary day and that always makes it a little harder for me to get motivated. 

I am working on my Pink Zebra business today as I do most everyday. I am also trying to help my younger daughter ( momma to my grands) with a new business venture. She has decided that she wants to make bath bombs to sell. It is something that her and her oldest daughter can do together and she hopes to make it at least a part time job so that she can earn some money from home while caring for the girls. You can take a look  at the first three that she has made in my Etsy shop here. Of course, there is housework to be done as well. Does housework ever get finished? It seems that as soon as I am completed with one area, I notice something I have missed or that there is a load of laundry that suddenly has doubled from the size the day before. 

I also have my Co Vid vaccine today. Many have asked how I am able to get mine now, but I work in healthcare and that requires that I am able to get mine. I am not required to get it, but I feel that I probably should. There are many reasons that I am scared to get it as I feel that we need more testing on these, but I also feel that I need to do something to protect myself and my family.  What are your feelings about it? 

I had my shingles vaccine last week and was very nauseous from it. I was feeling bad for about 24 hours. I am worried that I may feel the same way today, but I also know others that have taken it and haven't been sick. I am also aware that many of us will feel different side effects from it the same as we do many other vaccines and medications. 

I will be posting my calendar again soon as I am certainly doing a better job of keeping up with it. I must work on lesson plans as well today. It is hard to believe that our school year is half over and we are looking at what we will do for first grade as well. I feel that she is doing well, but I also feel that she might need more interaction and since we can't meet for homeschool groups right now, I am torn in what I truly want her to do for next year. 

Thanks for checking in with us today. I appreciate that you all read and comment on this blog so often. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

46th President Takes Office

Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States and the first ever woman Vice President has been sworn in as well. Whether you are a fan of President Biden or not, history has been made with Kamala Harris being sworn in as the Vice President of the United States. Reflecting on what this truly means for all the young women in the world makes me realize that my grandchildren can reach any potential that they want. 

Vice President Kamala Harris can be seen as a role model for young women and especially, for young women of color that might not be aware that they can do amazing things in their lives. Young women can look to her for inspiration in the role that she currently is serving. With the role that she swore to today, she needs to make sure that she does great things and does it with grace and dignity so that young girls can see that the position deserves respect, honor, and grace. 

I pray for President Biden and Vice President Harris as they are sworn to uphold offices that many of us would not want and an office that has been looked down upon in many ways the past few years. President Biden is taking office during a time of civil unrest  and a pandemic, which many people are struggling with. The job itself is hard, but with these extra issues in place, he certainly is starting with an uphill battle. I pray that the other leaders in the world will give President Biden time to settle into office and welcome his opinion on world issues. 

I pray that President Biden and Vice President Harris can unite our country and truly make us the United States of America. Heal the lines that have been drawn in our world, heal the racial divide we are seeing daily, heal the damage that was done on January 6th at our capital and heal the divide we see for authority in our world as well. Many issues seem to have literally divided us beyond party lines and I hope that for everyone's sake, he can find a way to heal our country.

I respect those among us that do not care for President Biden and I respect those that feel that Trump was cheated out of this position, but I will always honor the office of the President and I will pray daily for the healing of our nation. I will pray daily for all that I consider my friends, no matter what their political views are. 

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Good Reads Challenge - Book 1- Between Sundays

I have finished the first book of my 15 planned reads for the year on GoodReads. I made such a low number as my challenge because I never know what life will bring with it these days. I am hoping to read more, but I will keep it simple this year and see if I can be successful. 

My first book was a story by my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury. If you have ever read one of her stories, you will know the inspiration that they can bring and what an important characteristic at this time in our lives. One of faith and hope. Between Sundays was a story that taught me to always believe in what you feel is right in your heart and that mothers always want what is best for their children. 

Amy, a single mom to an adorable little boy, moves across the country to follow her ex boyfriend, NFL quarterback Aaron Hill. Not because she is stalking him, but because she wants her son, Cory to be closer to his father. Amy has never been a part of Aaron's life since he became an NFL star, but her love for him and her son is amazing as we learn much later in the story.  

Cory, Amy's son, dreams of getting his dad in his life and is persistent on making it happen as he finds a way that he might make it happen. However, Megan ( Amy's friend and Cory's foster mom following Amy's death) is sure that Aaron Hill being his dad is simply a little boy's dream. She could never imagine just how much this little boy's persistence will change her life, Cory's life, and Aaron Hill's life. 

Between Sundays is the perfect title for this book and has such meaning to it once you read the book. 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Good Sunday Morning from the farm.

This photo is not what it looks like here today as we are having snow showers and we have snow on the ground. As I was searching Google Images this morning for another post, I found this and decided that it was the perfect photo for today!

I am praying for a dear family member today that lost her husband yesterday. He had been sick for a very long time with MS and struggled daily with those symptoms as well as Alzheimer's. Her and their three daughters had suffered along side him as they attempted to keep him home for a long time and had recently brought him home as well. It has been a long, hard, sad journey for them and now they are at the end of it, but I am fully aware that the end is the hardest. 

Our journeys can be the same. As young mothers, we struggle with sleepless nights, crying babies, sick babies, and the every day chores that can seem to be never ending. Yet, the day our children leave our homes is one of the hardest days in our lives. Hard journey, harder ending.

A job that you have gone to daily for many years, a job that you have dreamed of leaving, a job that can seem to take all your time away from your family. Yet, the day the job ends can be such a sad day for many. Hard journey, harder ending.

A young man or woman sitting in a doctor's office hears one word, "cancer" and suddenly, their whole life flashes before their eyes. What's next? Will I survive? How will I tell my family? What's my cancer journey going to be? Chemo, radiation, and many sick days while the struggle to live is exactly what keeps them motivated and fighting. A new scan says it is in remission. Another scan 2 years later, those three words are heard, "cancer has returned". Hard journey, harder ending. 

So many examples of this could be given, but isn't life all about the hard journey? It comes with the harder ending. At some point, we all must go to our forever home. It isn't easy on our loved ones, but for those that are accepting of Christ, we know they are going to their best home.  

Saturday, January 16, 2021

God's Peace

You will not abandon me to the realm of the dead,...You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence. - Psalms 16:10-11

This is from my devotion today. It is a book Moments of Peace For Moms from Our Daily Bread. 

My thoughts:  Our world is in such a mess these days and I pray daily for peace, but this devotion reminds me that I can have peace within myself no matter what is happening in the world. Jesus will fill my heart with peace if I just allow myself to feel it. 

Have you ever been grieving from the loss of a loved one and suddenly a friend wraps you in their arms and gives you a large hug? Have you ever been struggling with something and suddenly received a call or package from that special friend that may not be close enough to hug you, but you know they would if they were here? If so, you know how that brings a peaceful feeling to you immediately. A hug from a friend, spouse, child, or grandchild can bring such peace to us at a time in our lives that we are feeling a loss or extreme sadness for any reason. If we allow ourselves to surrender to Christs' arms, we can feel the same peace. 

The peace that comes from God is truly a gift to us. God has given us life and yes, He gives us pain, but He provides the peace that we need to deal with the pain. God will carry you through the pain if you are willing to let Him. His word can bring peace if we will just listen. Talk to God during the pain as well as in the good times. He is always listening. 

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

How Many Starts?

How many times do you start something before you finish it? How many times do you start something and not finish it? I heard this morning that today is the day that most New Year's resolutions fall off or have ended. Isn't is crazy that we commit ourselves to something only to stop within 14 days? Two weeks and we become quitters!!

I am just as guilty! I have not made resolutions this year, but plans. As I was looking at my schedule and planner for the week, I realize just how much I don't follow through with things and how much I stop doing within two weeks. UGH! I am truly going to work on this. I am recommitting myself to making changes that I feel I need to make. 

Here is a look at my January planner that I use daily. Now, I am supposed to be posting things I need to accomplish daily, but I haven't done it this week at all. I have my Pink Zebra business boot camp items on the daily list, but that is all.. Notice my prayer list on the side. I am keeping up with that. 

Now, my monthly section has most of what I need on it, but my weekly section sure needs some work. I will hold myself accountable by making sure that next week looks better and I will post it as well. I don't want to be a quitter. Do you?

Let's help guide others with ideas of what you do that keeps you accountable. It's okay to quit, but restart if it is something that you need to do. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday Morning Thoughts

As I have been trying to really keep up with my daily devotional and my prayer lists this year as well as making sure I study a bit online as well, I am brought to this verse today. I know many people do not read the King James Version of the Bible these days, but it is what I grew up with and it is the one I still find myself reading the most. 

Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
Psalms 103:1 (KJV)   Aren't these powerful words? With all the crazy that is in our world these days and all the news that we are not sure of what is true, but within me I want to bless His holy name! 

As I have reflected on the events this week, I decided that I wanted to wait to write a post as I did not want to get involved with the political scum that is going on. Whether Republican, Democrat, Liberatarian, or any other party that you or I might be intertwined with, are we not still American? Do we not still hold to the values of our forefathers? Do we not see that the division that is in our country is headed to destroy us? 

God knows our hearts and He is still in control, whether we believe that or not. Things that I have been taught in church all my life are coming into play before my eyes. It is sad to think that the crazy we live in now will get worse, but it will. The Bible says it will! We, as believers in Christ, must stand strong and we must keep our eyes on Him and we must praise Him during these times in the valley as much as we do our time on the mountains in life. 

Life on the farm has been going on just as always. I had a decent doctors' appointment on Thursday. My foot is healing well, but he is still worried about the swelling. Anyone have ideas? I ice and elevate and that doesn't seem to be helping much. The hubs went to his follow up on Wednesday and it was good news as well. We are both on the mend. Praise God!!!!

I have reached out to a few of you the past two weeks or so, because I am being led to by God. I feel that many times I hear His voice, but feel I am too busy at the moment to do what He is asking, but I am changing that and I am doing as I am asked. If anyone here needs a friend to write to, talk to, or share something with, I am here! Many of us struggle these days and it truly doesn't hurt to reach out and make a new friend! 

January on the farm is such a grey time! Luckily, our weather has not been horrible, but so cloudy and grey. With the foot surgery, I am unable to do any farm type chores and that makes me sad, but I am looking forward to the day, I am able to see the horses, chickens, etc.  As my husband and I went to the hardware store last night, I began to look at seeds, a small greenhouse, etc. I think I would like to have something like that this year, but I truly am not sure that I will be up to such a chore. 

Looking into February, I will begin to really think about what I want to do and how much time I want to put into gardening this year. I know I want to move some flower beds this year and I want to make some new ones based on whether we redo our front porch or not. I also know I want to make some plans to renovate some of the house.  Planning is so easy when you are stuck at home with nothing else to do. 

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday! 

Friday, January 1, 2021


Happy New Year! I know many of us were truly ready for 2020 to end and for many good reasons. 2020 brought us a different world than we had ever experienced. It brought changes to the way we lived life, the way school was held, the way we worked, the way we shopped, the way we bought daily supplies in some cases. We learned that we need friends and family, but we found ways to see them that were not in person. Many found innovative and creative ways to host family dinners for the holidays that did not include having large family gatherings. Unfortunately, many found themselves dealing with depression and lonliness that they had never felt before. Sadness for life as we once considered normal, hit most of us at some point between March and December of 2020. Let's move on and begin to think of all the good that 2020 brought us and look forward to the new year and new beginnings!

As we sit here on January 1,2021 we know that because the calendar changed we did not suddenly lose the Corona Virus and we are fully aware that masks are still a part of our lives as well as no larg gatherings and all the other stipulations that we have lived with in the past few months. That doesn't change the fact that many people are making resolutions for the new year and that many of us are not hopefully, for changes this year that get us back to some type of normal. We need to live our lives to the fullest and yet, be protected as well. 

2021 will start with the same frustrations that we just ended the year with, but how you approach life and the decisions you make will either make this year better or not. Masks may be a requirement for the entire year, but if they are we must adapt and move on. Large gatherings may not happen again this year, but we must adapt and move on. 

Are you fearful of what is going on in the world? It is understandable,but you can't be so fearful that you don't live life at all. Meet a friend at their house or yours and enjoy a nice chat. Learn to meet on Zoom or any other social media platform that allows you to see each other and talk. Take a walk and possibly meet a new friend. Learn a new hobby and find a group online to share ideas with. Try a new recipe, work a puzzle, play a game with a person in your circle, speak to a neighbor from the safety of your own yard, do anything that will bring a glimpse of good to your life. 

 The date on the calendar doesn't automatically change the crazy world we are living in, but it does give us a reason to look at life in a fresh, new way and gives us a reason to decide to do life a little different! 
Make 2021 your year!!!!

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