Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Good Reads Challenge - Book 1- Between Sundays

I have finished the first book of my 15 planned reads for the year on GoodReads. I made such a low number as my challenge because I never know what life will bring with it these days. I am hoping to read more, but I will keep it simple this year and see if I can be successful. 

My first book was a story by my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury. If you have ever read one of her stories, you will know the inspiration that they can bring and what an important characteristic at this time in our lives. One of faith and hope. Between Sundays was a story that taught me to always believe in what you feel is right in your heart and that mothers always want what is best for their children. 

Amy, a single mom to an adorable little boy, moves across the country to follow her ex boyfriend, NFL quarterback Aaron Hill. Not because she is stalking him, but because she wants her son, Cory to be closer to his father. Amy has never been a part of Aaron's life since he became an NFL star, but her love for him and her son is amazing as we learn much later in the story.  

Cory, Amy's son, dreams of getting his dad in his life and is persistent on making it happen as he finds a way that he might make it happen. However, Megan ( Amy's friend and Cory's foster mom following Amy's death) is sure that Aaron Hill being his dad is simply a little boy's dream. She could never imagine just how much this little boy's persistence will change her life, Cory's life, and Aaron Hill's life. 

Between Sundays is the perfect title for this book and has such meaning to it once you read the book. 


  1. I do like Karen Kingsbury...sounds like a good read.

    1. It was an excellent read. Have you read her Baxter Family series?


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