Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Everyone I Know Is Sick

 It seems as though everyone I know is sick and most are Co-Vid related. I myself have not been feeling well and I am waiting on a call from the doctor's office to see if I need to be tested myself. I woke up yesterday feeling nauseous and had a horrible headache. Today, I still have a headache but I am not nauseous and feel a bit better. 

 I don't have a cough and I don't have a fever, so I really do not think it is this horrible virus, but I want to make sure. I lost a cousin last week to Co-Vid 19 and he was very healthy and younger than myself. I can't imagine the pain his family is feeling as I know it has really had me in a horrible funk and mad at the world.  I just want to be sure that I am doing all that I can to help my family stay well. I will not allow the virus to take another family member. 

I have several people near me that are sick with it right now. A good friend has both parents home sick and now her dad's oxygen is dropping. I also have family members on my husband's side that are sick with it. For some reason, this Delta variant seems to be hitting so close to home and many people around us are sick with it. I have not had close contact with them, but I want to be sure that I am not taking a chance of exposing my own family to even more of a chance of getting it. 

Today, my worst complaint is my headache! I just can't seem to get rid of it and it seems to be getting worse at times. I believe it is way worse than a migraine and my normal meds are not getting rid of it. I think I would feel better if I did not have it. Temp is running normal, but I do feel as though I get warmer if I am up moving around. I am just thankful that I am not feeling nauseous today.

I pray that you all stay healthy and that Co-Vid leaves us soon. I was vaccinated and I am not regretting it, but I am wondering why so many that I know are sick now that were not sick before vaccinations. 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Going Back on The Road Soon

 I had a fabulous trip to Branson and enjoyed our Pink Zebra reunion so much. Thanks to Tom, Kelly, the customer service team, the product development team, and John as well as the many others it takes to make the reunion fabulous each year. I will see you all in Reno. 

I made a few new friends at this reunion as I am comfortable enough with myself to speak to someone I don't know. This company has given me confidence that I never had before. This company has given me a passion for home fragrances that I never expected to have. If I walk in my home and there is not something nice scenting it, I begin to question everyone why the warmers are not filled and on. If you have never tried Pink Zebra, please let me share the best home fragrance with you. With 70 scents that are blendable, the possibilities are endless. The products are non toxic and if you use hand sanitizer daily, you need to try ours. It is ph balanced , so it does not dry your hands like so many others do. Here is my website and I would love to send you a sample if you email me here

Grey Speckled Simmer Pot

Hand sanitizer on the go

My daughter and I are heading out again Monday and will be at a Power of the Past Festival for a week. I am hoping our sales are fantastic because I am working on paying off all of my credit cards. I want to be debt free other than my car payment and I am working at stocking up on each of the new scents that are available. Events like that are fun, but sometimes seem like a lot of work. However, sales can't just come from friends and family. We have to get the word out about our products and I am building a team under me so I have to find recruits, but I want those that fall in love with the product first, I am not just signing everyone up to have a team. We earn money without anyone under us, so I am very cautious as to what recruits I have. 

After this show, I have another one but it's a one day event and then I will be home for a few weeks before I have to go again. I have a show that is almost two weeks long in September and October. I am excited for those! Fall shows and scents are sometimes the most fun!

My goal is to earn Pink Sapphire and make the trip to reunion in Reno next year. I ask each of you if you like home fragrances, please help me out by purchasing from me or passing my information along to a friend or relative that uses home fragrances. I know the group of bloggers here are fabulous and can help me. If you refer someone to me and they purchase, send me a message and I will send you a gift. EZPZ to win something free!!!!!!!

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