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Adventure Off the Farm- Williamsburg , Virginia

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that my friends and I were heading to Williamsburg, Virginia and I wanted to share with my friends here. Our trip was so much fun, but short! I was disappointed that it was over so fast. The drive was about 12 hours for us, but Williamsburg was so worth the distance! If you haven't ever been there, I highly suggest that you go. history buffs would absolutely be able to spend days in Williamsburg and not be the least bit bored. We didn't go to see Colonial Williamsburg or the museums, but we went to Merchant's Square, which is a part of it and we thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent there. Our first stop was our resort, which was Parkside Williamsburg. It is one of the resorts that is a part of our Bluegreen ownership and I believe that it was a good choice for us. We were fortunate enough to have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath fully furnished condo and the resort was very nice! The staff was friendly and we felt like they cared about us. We had some

Outta Here

I am thrilled to say that I will be going on a short vacation with my friends tomorrow morning! There are 4 of us going and we are heading to Williamsburg, Virginia. I am not sure that we will make our destination but that is our intended destination. We may decide to do something else before we make it that far. The history that is there is amazing! There are many historical events that took place near there being that it is near the area where the first pilgrims settled and many Presidents came from that area as well. If we make it there, I am sure that we will visit Jamestown and we will make a short trip over to Virginia Beach. I am not sure of what else we will do, but that gets us a good start. I know we will visit a plantation because one of the girls going loves to do that. I am just ready to get away from all of the responsibility that abounds here for me. I need to relax and refresh because I am currently not helpful to anyone because I feel so overwhelmed! It is exhausti

Where Have I Been? New Calves, Babies and More

Where have I been, you asked? Home but very busy as well as sick and just covered with work. Who knew that I would go from days of wondering what I would do next to being so busy that I can't find time to write a blog post. Goodness!! I know I have missed my friends here tremendously and I must get back and catch up on what is going on in this crazy land of Blogger. I have so many stories to share with you, but I know I can't write it all today. I will give a few updates and I will hopefully, share some of my news with y'all later. First of all, our dear friend, Joe, is still alive and thankfully, doing a little better. His spirits are up and down as with anyone that is ill, but he is doing better than the doctor anticipated. He has commented that he is tired, but I don't think that he is ready to give up the fight. I am thankful for his fighting spirit as we will truly miss him when he does pass. My grand doll is improving with her Blount's Disease and I am a