Where Have I Been? New Calves, Babies and More

Where have I been, you asked? Home but very busy as well as sick and just covered with work. Who knew that I would go from days of wondering what I would do next to being so busy that I can't find time to write a blog post. Goodness!!

I know I have missed my friends here tremendously and I must get back and catch up on what is going on in this crazy land of Blogger. I have so many stories to share with you, but I know I can't write it all today. I will give a few updates and I will hopefully, share some of my news with y'all later.

First of all, our dear friend, Joe, is still alive and thankfully, doing a little better. His spirits are up and down as with anyone that is ill, but he is doing better than the doctor anticipated. He has commented that he is tired, but I don't think that he is ready to give up the fight. I am thankful for his fighting spirit as we will truly miss him when he does pass.

My grand doll is improving with her Blount's Disease and I am anxious to return to the surgeon in July and see what she is saying about her legs. I know the right one has improved a great deal and I am beginning to see a little change in the left one. I also know that she is gaining height as we have gone from a 2T to a 5 in just a few months. She is getting faster when she runs and she is not shifting her weight from her waist when she walks. I am so excited to see us end the journey that this disease has taken us on.

This was while she was hunting her Easter Eggs at our house. You can tell her legs are still a little bowed but not nearly as bad as before. I am so thrilled!! She is a true blessing and although she may be hard to deal with at times, I can't imagine life without her. 

For news here on the farm, our cow had babies a month ago this Sunday and we were lucky that she had twins. They were absolutely beautiful and both were pure black and perfect, we thought. We had a heifer and a bull calf and were sure that the universe finally had something right. I am sad to say that we lost the bull calf two weeks ago. I found him lying on the ground and unable to stand. I quickly got forces in place to pick him up and bring him into the house. Yes, the house. The weather here has been cold, wet and winter for too long. ( Snow yesterday morning). I knew he needed to be warm and possibly see a vet. It was a Sunday so no vet was working and I am sad to say that I found that there are not many large animal vets nearby. What a horrible lesson to learn as you deal with a sick calf. 

After having him in the house with blankets and a heating pad on him, I began to think that he might be improving as he kicked and mooed a few times. As evening turned to wee hours of the morning, I decided that we must get him outside because he was not seeming to improve quickly as I hoped and I needed to go to sleep. Farmer man put him out in a shed that we have with plenty of hay and blankets to keep him warm overnight. Unfortunately, he was not alive the next morning when I checked on him. I was heartbroken as I had cradled him like a baby to try to nurse him to health. I had fed him from an eye dropper when he would not eat or drink. I was so disappointed that I could not do more to help him. 

This is both of the babies . Precious and priceless to see them for the first time. I actually got to watch the heifer take her first steps and I will never forget it. 

Well, I must get my day started. I will write again later if I can and catch you up on more. 


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