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Winter has arrived!

Winter has officially arrived here! With a little bit of snow arriving today, we are also getting temperatures over 30 degrees colder than just a few days ago and we have winds that are gusting up to 35 mph and more snow on the way. We are actually under a winter weather advisory and it is cold and the roads are going to be slick as this freezes and more snow moves in. I personally don't like the cold, but I know that we needed a good freeze. It is a nice break from the mud that we have endured for several weeks. I don't like having to feed the animals in this weather and I certainly do not like want to drive in this. On the bright side, I learned today that our first 4-H meeting is Jan.31 and so preparations for the fair are right around the corner. I am personally really anxious for the fair to get here! I really had fun last year and although it was one of the hottest on record, it was still nice to be there and experience all of the fun that it led too. Matter of fact, Brid

Happy Anniversary

Decided that I would change this up a little today for the special occasion! Today is my 17th wedding anniversary - tonight at about 6:15 or so I will have been married to my wonderful husband and although we have had our struggles and we have not always had the best of a marriage, we have stood by each other and we have made it work. He is out of state working so there is no celebration tonight. It seems he may be home for a few days after this trip and leave again to do another job. He used to stay out of town for up to two weeks at a time and it never bothered me, but this trip is a little different. I am missing him a little more this time and it seems as though he has been gone for a long time although I know he has not. It is raining here and they are predicting snow for tomorrow. I know it is January and we have been lucky to have the weather that we have had. Unfortunately, I do not like cold and snow so I am hoping that it misses us. Well, it is time to close for the day. I h

Evening At Home

My husband is out of town working so my daughter and I are home alone, which really changes life some. We had a frozen pizza for dinner and watched a movie together and just spent a quiet evening at home. It was nice to sit and relax, although I do miss my husband. Tomorrow a very different day is approaching. We will be busy with school, going shopping, grocery shopping, and getting all of our errands ran. Today was really nice out and we spent some time outside catching up on some extra chores that needed to be done around here. We stacked wood and cleaned the yard. Tomorrow is supposed to be a very unique January day for the midwestern United States as we are to reach temperatures in the lower 50's. The end of the week doesn't look so good with colder temps and possible snow. I guess we have to accept it, but I really don't want too. I would not mind if it stayed warm the rest of the year. I am not sure if anyone else seen the cosmic moon on Saturday evening, but if you

Sticking to my plan

Well, with sticking with my plan to add a little to my blog each day I am writing this at 11 p.m. as it is my first time to sit down and actually work on this. I am attempting to catch up on some online work as I am sitting here after spending most of the day working on stuff for my husband and for doing housework. Four loads of laundry and cleaning a cabinet has been a load for today after we done school for the day and I worked on getting tax information ready. I have a quick recipe that I want to share with you. Many of you may already eat a meal similar to this, but this is one of my quick wintertime meals for my family. It uses very few ingredients and is a meal that usually takes less than 30 minutes to cook. Stuffing Casserole Meal 1 box of Stove Top Stuffing 4 pork chops or 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 jar of gravy, either pork or turkey salt and pepper to taste In a long casserole dish, mix the stuffing mix ( whatever flavor you choose) with the water that it calls f

New Years Goals and Resolutions

New Years is always a chance to look back on the previous year and see what we could have done differently and a chance to make some new goals and resolutions for yourself. I personally never really make resolutions as I am always sure that they will be broken before the month of January is over. Goals are another thing because you can meet them at anytime and you can never completely break a goal. Setting goals in our lives can put pressure on us at times, but can always cause us to work harder in our daily lives. I personally set several goals at the beginning of the year for myself and for my family. In my personal life, I tend to make goals for different aspects of my life. My first goal is always to have a closer walk with Jesus Christ. I believe that my Lord and Saviour deserves a close walk and that we can always work harder at having a closer relationship with Him. Secondly, I choose to set goals for what things I want to change in my "career". I consider my online wr

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers out there! I am a few days late saying this as I have felt under the weather since the beginning of the year. I had a really bad day on New Year's Day and have gradually started feeling better, but not feeling up to myself. Life on the farm seems to run slow if I am not up and running at top speed. However, I must say that the house has not fell apart and I have managed to keep meals cooked and I have managed to keep school in session the past two days. We have to attend school for 180 days in a year according to state law and we are currently at 80 days, so we are on track to finish at about the time that I had planned for the year. I am excited about that! This year I am planning to make some changes in our lives. One is that I intend to make reading a top priority for all of us and I think that the television is going to be more limited as to when it is on. I also want to take more learning trips for school. Whether you want to speak of field tri