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Summer Farm Days

Farm days in the summer can be quite long, hot ,and exhausting. I am thankful that we don't live on a large farm and that we don't have a huge garden, but the animals are enough work. This year seems to already be off to a hot start and I am sure that it will only get hotter and more humid as we roll into July and August.  Here's the newest farm project. 10 baby chicks. A variety of kinds, but they were on sale at Rural King so hubby decided that we certainly needed them. For now, they are separated from the other older chickens and I am sure they will be for a month or so. The camera was a scary sight for them.   Our garden plot! Very small but several rows of planted seeds. We shall see what they do.  After a day of working in the garden, taking care of animals, helping the grandkids and hubby with whatever the days agenda is. it's nice to be able to relax and enjoy a nice cold glass of blueberry water outside on the porch.  My favorite way to fuse water is to add blu

Life on the Farm - May 2021

 Life on the farm has been more about being off the farm lately. It seems that the month of May has literally been a blur! I have found that life has been in the fast lane lately and I am ready for a few slower days in my life.  I have started working on my health a bit more and I am being more cautious about my food choices and my snack choices. I like to snack and I will admit it! I love cookies, a good cake, ice cream, etc. I also love my lattes! I need to make better choices in what I eat. I have been trying as well as attempting to exercise a bit more now that my foot is a bit better. Starting out easy because I don't like to work out so to speak. I like to walk, so I am attempting to do a bit more of that.  My daughter and I took the grand kids to a couple of new parks the other day and enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temps. I walked over 6 miles that day and although, I know it was good for me, I was certainly sore the next day. I did enjoy a few trails that day and I will b

Great Smoky Mountains Adventures

 Each year my friends and I take a vacation. Last year the virus made our trip to Michigan not happen, but it will next year, I am sure. This year, we decided on a trip to Asheville, NC and to the Great Smokey Mountains and Gatlinburg area. We have been there multiple times, but we don't mind going back. This trip was to be fun and relaxation before the craziness of two kids getting married within two weeks of each other was to take place. Before I go into all the details, I will say that it was far from uneventful and not so relaxing. We left early on a Sunday morning and before we got to our cabin in Gatlinburg, I received a call that my mother had been in a rather bad wreck and was headed to the hospital to be checked out. She had been t-boned by a motorcyclist and was suffering from cuts on her face and I was worried about a concussion. ( Mind you, my mom is 85 years old this year and in fairly good health despite her life hanging in the balance from a ruptured esophagus).  Des