Life on the Farm - May 2021

 Life on the farm has been more about being off the farm lately. It seems that the month of May has literally been a blur! I have found that life has been in the fast lane lately and I am ready for a few slower days in my life. 

I have started working on my health a bit more and I am being more cautious about my food choices and my snack choices. I like to snack and I will admit it! I love cookies, a good cake, ice cream, etc. I also love my lattes! I need to make better choices in what I eat. I have been trying as well as attempting to exercise a bit more now that my foot is a bit better. Starting out easy because I don't like to work out so to speak. I like to walk, so I am attempting to do a bit more of that. 

My daughter and I took the grand kids to a couple of new parks the other day and enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temps. I walked over 6 miles that day and although, I know it was good for me, I was certainly sore the next day. I did enjoy a few trails that day and I will be doing more, but I have to learn to take things a little slower the next time. I can do 6 miles, but I must work my way to it instead of suddenly pushing myself so hard. 

Do you see her getting a bucket of water dumped on her head? She loved the splash pad and had so much fun! She is a water lover, which she doesn't get from me. 
Swinging with her little sister. I so wish these swings would have been available when the girls were little. 
She loves climbing as well. She gets a little scared as she says, but she does fine. I love that the playground had some shade over it as to keep the kids from being straight in the sun. 

Letting the little one play too. She looked too cute in those jean shorts!

Playground number 2
Family photo on the rock! Mom sure is enjoying the time she can with these girls. 
Little Sister getting a quick car ride in. She loved it after being in it a few minutes. 

Little Sister loves to swing! H thought she could swing in these baby swings too. No way! 70 pounds and over 5 years old- I don't think so!

Hiding under the dinosaur rock. She still loves dinosaurs!
Playground number 3 for the day! Our final one as I was exhausted as well as the kids. It was a fun day though.

Gotta make memories now because H is going to school in the fall as it stands now. I am a bit upset as I have truly enjoyed having her as my third home school student, but I also am going to enjoy a break from all of the work. I sure will miss her though!!



  1. You're so right about making memories. We just got back from a day/overnight with the grands doing the same thing. It looks like you had such a wonderful time (and she's a doll!)

  2. These are great playground shots! It looks like a wonderful playground, with something for every age. I really admire anyone who can walk six miles! I can't even walk six blocks...

  3. I need to make better choices with my food too as well as getting more exercise. Looks like a fun day at the parks.

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