Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Colder Weather

As I sit here taking a break from the mad cleaning that I have done today, I am reminded by the crackle of the woodstove that cooler weather has finally arrived in our home state. Normally, we have had measurable snow by this time of the year and we have had temps that have been in the teens, but this year the weather has completely taken us by surprise. Our temperatures on Christmas Day were in the 50's and that has  been the normal for the month of Dec. However, just as Mother Nature does, she has reminded us that she is in control and that we must realize that we are not in a tropical environment.

Today is not too bad, but temps are supposed to drop into the 20's during the evening and highs over the upcoming weekend are going to be in the 30's and a great shock to our systems. The upcoming week does not look bad with temps around 40 and those are not bad as long as the wind is not blowing or it is not raining. Farm work can be hard if the temps are not near 40. Lower temps mean frozen water troughs, except for the horses. That requires extra time out and a greater chance for frostbite when the weather is frightful out.

Chores today will include carrying firewood and feeding. I should go check on a pig that we moved yesterday. My father in law decided that he would move it without help and said that he had trouble getting it in the pen. The pig that was already there was not happy about another one in the pen, but they had to deal with it as it was the only place that we had a pen ready that was not just a mud pit. I know pigs like the mud but it was practically running out of the pen he was in.

The endless rain the past few days has made most of the farm a mud pit. I am glad it stopped raining but the miserable grey clouds that never seem to end in the winter are starting to bring a gloom to all of us.  We need sunshine! Humans need sunshine! We must be thankful that the precipitation that we have had has been rain as if not, we might be struggling with the snow and blizzard like conditions that other parts of the United States are having.

This crazy weather reminds me that the Bible says there is a time for everything!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Peyton Manning and His Football Legacy

Peyton Manning, Denver Bronco's quarterback and former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, has suddenly come under some heat due to a report coming from  Al Jazeera stating that Peyton has taken human growth hormones during his time with the Colts while he struggled with a neck injury.

According to the report, which came out late last week names Manning along with several other athletes with having taken the drug in 2011 and receiving them from the Guyer Institute, an anti-aging company in Indiana. Supposedly,  Charlie Sly, an Austin, Texas-based pharmacist that once worked for the Guyer Institute was secretly recorded during an interview with Liam Collins. Charlie Sly has since recanted his story, but not before many news sources and athletes learned of the claims.

Manning states that the accusations are completely false and utterly ridiculous! Making Manning even madder is the fact that the story says that Ashley Manning, Peyton's wife, was the one that got the prescriptions for him. Manning says that he is upset that Ashley's medical treatment history is being violated and that whatever treatments his wife has had are her business. That makes me wonder if she did receive the growth hormone for herself and not Peyton from the clinic. If she did, it is truly no one's business.

Manning has said that he may sue as it is a report that could harm his legacy as the clean, professional player that he is. Manning says he fought hard following his neck injury to get back to playing at his former level without using illegal drugs as far as the NFL is concerned. The NFL says that HGH are illegal and if Manning were to be found guilty of using them, his career could be immensely affected. However, I truly believe that the entire report is false!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Steve Harvey's Goof

Just as I was going to write about things that have happened in 2015 that will be memories for us on the farm, we have an epic fail to speak of that many will remember for years to come and I am sure will be talked about daily until the new year- that is Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant. 

Since Mr. Harvey has not made a statement on the goof yet, we are left to wonder just what truly happened. Did he just look at the card wrong? Did he think one should have won over the other? Did he just read the wrong name? Did he mean to say first runner up and said Miss Universe? A million things could have caused this goof, but I am sure that no one will ever truly care as much as Harvey will.

My next question is how do you fix such a goof? He apologized and he owned responsibility for it, but the mistake was made and not corrected until a young woman had been crowned and taken a wave and walk. Somehow it does not seem possible to just take that away and give to someone else. Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez, was very hospitable with the entire show and she did not seem to be dramatically affected, but she was still crowned and thought that she had won when Mr. Harvey announced his goof. I would say that she was a showcase of grace during the event. She was upset and cried, but she truly presented herself as a graceful and beautiful young lady. Many girls could take lessons from her for what she endured and was still so gracious.

I feel it also took some of the beauty of the moment from Miss Philippines , who had actually won the title of Miss Universe. She was graceful as well in what should have been a shining moment in her life and yet she was seeing the crown removed from a young woman that thought she had won to be placed upon her head as the real winner. Beauty and grace as well as shock shone on her face. I truly believe that they both deserve some special treatment from this goof.

Certainly will be an unforgettable goof for Harvey and the entire Miss Universe staff as well as these two beautiful ladies. To both of them, I would say that you both are beautiful, graceful, and amazing young women!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Countdown

As I was thinking about the past year, I was thinking of how many times we count our days away. We count down the days till Christmas, we count the shopping days before Christmas, we count the number of days we must work before a vacation, we count how many days till the weekend, and we count how many days till we marry, see our new child, etc. It seems that we can't be happy in the day that we are currently in.

Today is December 20,2015 and that is what I want to concentrate on. Today is nothing special to me other than a Sunday that I have been able to spend with my beautiful granddaughter. It is a day that the Lord made and she has certainly taken advantage of the day in catching up on some much needed rest. Rarely ever does she sleep most of the day away, but she has today. I have had the opportunity to do some reading, exercising and just enjoy the twinkling lights of the tree.

My husband and I still have some shopping to do, but I will say that I have enjoyed being home most of the day! I am not worried about the hustle and bustle of the season as I want to thoroughly enjoy it if I can. I have not been in much of a Christmas spirit this year, but as the day draws closer, I begin to see and feel the magic of the day we celebrate Christ's birth.

I intended to make cookies today since we were not busy, but the plan changed when I realized that I did not have any wax paper to place them on once they were removed from the oven. It is something that would normally have me upset, but I just let it slide as I really was not caring if they were done or not. I have two pies in the freezer that I can bake for a tasty dessert later tonight if I want.

Dinner will consist of a pot roast with carrots and potatoes and I will be enjoying some nice veggies as well. I have a package of Kings Hawaiian rolls to also enjoy with the roast. I love roast and my hubby usually does not like it, but he was the one that asked for it. I am sure he will enjoy it as much as I will tonight.

Farm life is easy today as my father in law insisted on feeding today and so my only real chore today was to fill the wood boxes with firewood and that was done in a matter of a few minutes! It is time to fill the porch with wood again as well, but that will be done tomorrow or a day that the weather is  a little nicer and warmer.

Today is winter solstice so that means that it is officially the shortest day of the year. Luckily, that means that we are on the upstroke of things. After this cloudy day moves on, then we will see the days gradually increase in length. That makes a farm girl very happy!!

Have a great day! Enjoy the reason for the season!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Jars

Hello! Good Morning! I awoke early to enjoy about an hour sitting by the Christmas tree with the lights twinkling as I enjoyed a cup of tea and finished my book. I highly recommend that if you have not read the book "Christmas Jars" by Jason Wright that you take a moment out of your hectic schedule to read it.

The message that evolves from this book is one that we all need to be reminded of especially at this time of the year. The little things that we do matter the most and giving is much more rewarding than receiving! I try hard to incorporate this into our lives many times throughout the year.

Over the next two weeks, I would like to honor some of the memories we have of the year. I will include both personal memories and those that have touched all of us throughout the year in the news and other media sources. I also plan to include work that shares some of the talent that I know of around the world that you all might not know.

I hope that you will all take time to read this wonderful book and that you will also find time to read my blog the next couple of weeks in order to allow me to showcase our year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sickness Struck

After enjoying a delicious and very enjoyable meal on Monday afternoon with some dear friends, I came home to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home. As I was playing with the grandbaby on my bed around 7 p.m., I suddenly felt very sick to my stomach when I would lie down.

I moved to the living room and decided to watch a little television, but suddenly found myself very ill. The next 24-30 hours were horrible. Suddenly, chills and fever set in followed by vomiting and diarrhea- classic signs of a stomach bug. My daughter had said it was going around at work and I believe that she may have carried it in and I was the lucky one to suffer with it. I spent all day yesterday in bed and truly don't have the desire to do much today. However, my home and family seem to say that it is time to be moving again.

I awoke to find dishes that we not done yesterday, a floor in dire need of a broom, and plenty of laundry to be completed. Discovered the no one fed the outside dog or cats yesterday and so I must be on the move. I plan to attempt to put lights on the tree that my husband bought yesterday evening and I might find decorations as well.

I hope that this bug does not make it into your home, but if it does rest helps a lot and know that it will pass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Some of my Animals

Lately it seems like my posts are getting away from the farm and I really want to focus on it so for now, I am going to share some photos of some of the animals we have here. Our goose, which I am not sure I have a photo of passed a few weeks ago. I miss her but I do not miss the noise she made as often as she could.

A couple of our cows in the holding pen before they go in the pasture.

Some of our ducks

Prince, one of my two black and white cats. The other is named Oreo.
This is Jigsaw, my daughter's horse
This is Shot To The Heart, my daughter's other horse.

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