Colder Weather

As I sit here taking a break from the mad cleaning that I have done today, I am reminded by the crackle of the woodstove that cooler weather has finally arrived in our home state. Normally, we have had measurable snow by this time of the year and we have had temps that have been in the teens, but this year the weather has completely taken us by surprise. Our temperatures on Christmas Day were in the 50's and that has  been the normal for the month of Dec. However, just as Mother Nature does, she has reminded us that she is in control and that we must realize that we are not in a tropical environment.

Today is not too bad, but temps are supposed to drop into the 20's during the evening and highs over the upcoming weekend are going to be in the 30's and a great shock to our systems. The upcoming week does not look bad with temps around 40 and those are not bad as long as the wind is not blowing or it is not raining. Farm work can be hard if the temps are not near 40. Lower temps mean frozen water troughs, except for the horses. That requires extra time out and a greater chance for frostbite when the weather is frightful out.

Chores today will include carrying firewood and feeding. I should go check on a pig that we moved yesterday. My father in law decided that he would move it without help and said that he had trouble getting it in the pen. The pig that was already there was not happy about another one in the pen, but they had to deal with it as it was the only place that we had a pen ready that was not just a mud pit. I know pigs like the mud but it was practically running out of the pen he was in.

The endless rain the past few days has made most of the farm a mud pit. I am glad it stopped raining but the miserable grey clouds that never seem to end in the winter are starting to bring a gloom to all of us.  We need sunshine! Humans need sunshine! We must be thankful that the precipitation that we have had has been rain as if not, we might be struggling with the snow and blizzard like conditions that other parts of the United States are having.

This crazy weather reminds me that the Bible says there is a time for everything!


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