Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sickness Struck

After enjoying a delicious and very enjoyable meal on Monday afternoon with some dear friends, I came home to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home. As I was playing with the grandbaby on my bed around 7 p.m., I suddenly felt very sick to my stomach when I would lie down.

I moved to the living room and decided to watch a little television, but suddenly found myself very ill. The next 24-30 hours were horrible. Suddenly, chills and fever set in followed by vomiting and diarrhea- classic signs of a stomach bug. My daughter had said it was going around at work and I believe that she may have carried it in and I was the lucky one to suffer with it. I spent all day yesterday in bed and truly don't have the desire to do much today. However, my home and family seem to say that it is time to be moving again.

I awoke to find dishes that we not done yesterday, a floor in dire need of a broom, and plenty of laundry to be completed. Discovered the no one fed the outside dog or cats yesterday and so I must be on the move. I plan to attempt to put lights on the tree that my husband bought yesterday evening and I might find decorations as well.

I hope that this bug does not make it into your home, but if it does rest helps a lot and know that it will pass.

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