Monday, December 21, 2015

Steve Harvey's Goof

Just as I was going to write about things that have happened in 2015 that will be memories for us on the farm, we have an epic fail to speak of that many will remember for years to come and I am sure will be talked about daily until the new year- that is Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant. 

Since Mr. Harvey has not made a statement on the goof yet, we are left to wonder just what truly happened. Did he just look at the card wrong? Did he think one should have won over the other? Did he just read the wrong name? Did he mean to say first runner up and said Miss Universe? A million things could have caused this goof, but I am sure that no one will ever truly care as much as Harvey will.

My next question is how do you fix such a goof? He apologized and he owned responsibility for it, but the mistake was made and not corrected until a young woman had been crowned and taken a wave and walk. Somehow it does not seem possible to just take that away and give to someone else. Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez, was very hospitable with the entire show and she did not seem to be dramatically affected, but she was still crowned and thought that she had won when Mr. Harvey announced his goof. I would say that she was a showcase of grace during the event. She was upset and cried, but she truly presented herself as a graceful and beautiful young lady. Many girls could take lessons from her for what she endured and was still so gracious.

I feel it also took some of the beauty of the moment from Miss Philippines , who had actually won the title of Miss Universe. She was graceful as well in what should have been a shining moment in her life and yet she was seeing the crown removed from a young woman that thought she had won to be placed upon her head as the real winner. Beauty and grace as well as shock shone on her face. I truly believe that they both deserve some special treatment from this goof.

Certainly will be an unforgettable goof for Harvey and the entire Miss Universe staff as well as these two beautiful ladies. To both of them, I would say that you both are beautiful, graceful, and amazing young women!

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