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New Beginnings

Hello Friends! It is Monday and that brings a new week and many new beginnings for us. It offers us a new day and a new week to change what we are not happy with ourselves. It brings us a new chance to love those dear to us and to connect with those that are not near us that are dear to us. Set a goal this week to make one change in your life that will make someone else feel special. Each day, I find that my grand doll and I are busy and in the home attempting to learn new things and I try to keep her occupied because she is into everything. I am not good at that but I enjoy the time I am with her, even if I am constantly cleaning up behind her. The weather has been very hot and humid here and so we have not been out much, but the weather has changed and so I made a decision that we are going to be out and about more now. Today, our plans will include a trip to town as I have some errands to run, a trip to a kids store that I hope to buy her some shoes at , and maybe even a trip to a

MidWeek Update

What a week it has been so far! The word of the week would be RAIN! It has rained every day for at least a week and I am so tired of it. Fortunately, today is to be dry and tomorrow is supposed to be fairly dry with just a chance and Friday is being predicted to be scattered showers. I may go camping! Yes, I know it will be muddy but my daughter is off two days and it would give me a nice break from the grand doll. I love her but my daughter has been working a lot of hours and so I have had her quite a bit the last couple of weeks. Plus, they live with us so she never "goes home". My week began with a very rainy Sunday which put me home all day catching up on some chores and doing my Bible study.  I have been reading Proverbs as I feel that it is such a beautiful book of the Bible as it is filled with many pieces of advice. I always find a verse that seems to teach a lesson. Monday, the grand doll and I went to visit a friend. I planned to pick her up and we were going

Mom's Struggle

Moms, do you ever just think that this is the day you will break? Break from the stress of another toy to pick up, another mess on the floor, another load of laundry, another cry from the baby that has cried for days, another "Mom" outcry? Well, I am here today to tell you that this too shall pass! Your worn down, tired, and really fretting from a lack of sleep and personal time to do anything  by yourself, but it will pass. God knows that you are struggling and He knows we, as humans, are weak, but He can provide the healing that we need. Children are a true blessing, but I am well aware that there are days that those blessings seem to be the one thing that is standing in our way to feel human again. All moms get frustrated, all moms begin to feel that they can't go on, all moms feel less than perfect, but it is okay as it will pass and you will survive. Put your faith and trust in the Creator and take a moment to breath and know that it will get better. I am a fir

Good Morning

Just a simple Good Morning to each of you in cyber world. Many times, I feel like we get our day started and never think about the fact that we should be thankful that we woke up and thankful for another day of life. The sun is rising and it's going to be another hot and humid day here, which has been the theme of summer this year, but I am still thankful for the day. Whether it is hot or cold, sunny or rainy you woke up! You are alive to enjoy another day. Put your best into the day and make it memorable. Many people would be thankful to have another day with a loved one, so make sure you treat yours right.

Weekend GetAWay

This past weekend my husband took the grand doll and I on a road trip. Let me tell you, it was a road trip and that was about all I was able to see. He decided that he wanted to take the baby to The Smoky Mountains and he did, but we were literally there long enough to take a picture of her at the sign and that was about it. We left home about 6 hours later than we intended too. I was irritated as he knew that I wanted to go early. He was determined that he was going to drive the full trip that night and I was determined that we were not. It is about a 6 hour drive, so it would have been midnight before we checked into a hotel, if we could have gotten a room. Plus, with the grand doll, I knew that if she slept in the car for 6 hours, she would be awake all night and I would get zero sleep. We finally decided to drive about 3 1/2 hours and stop for the night. We were able to find a decent hotel that was perfect for sleeping. After a good night's sleep and a decent breakfast for

Home Decor - organization

As I have spoke of many times, my home is small and there are too many living here. 5 people in a 3 bedroom home that is less than 1100 square feet in size is crowded. I try many ways to keep things organized and decorated nicely, but sometimes it seems to fail. I have been thinking of making some changes to many of the rooms and I have been looking for ways to organize more as well. Last week, I went to a couple of antique stores and shops that sell primitive décor and other neat items with a friend. I really did not have much money to spend, but decided that I would purchase a few small items if I found anything that would work with the ideas I have. I am thankful to say that I found a few items and spend less than $20. This sign is beside my sink in the kitchen. The colors work well with my kitchen and since we have horses, I try to include them in each room. My kitchen will be decorated with milk bottles and cans soon as I am paying honor to my grandfather, who was a milkman