MidWeek Update

What a week it has been so far! The word of the week would be RAIN! It has rained every day for at least a week and I am so tired of it. Fortunately, today is to be dry and tomorrow is supposed to be fairly dry with just a chance and Friday is being predicted to be scattered showers. I may go camping!

Yes, I know it will be muddy but my daughter is off two days and it would give me a nice break from the grand doll. I love her but my daughter has been working a lot of hours and so I have had her quite a bit the last couple of weeks. Plus, they live with us so she never "goes home".

My week began with a very rainy Sunday which put me home all day catching up on some chores and doing my Bible study.  I have been reading Proverbs as I feel that it is such a beautiful book of the Bible as it is filled with many pieces of advice. I always find a verse that seems to teach a lesson.

Monday, the grand doll and I went to visit a friend. I planned to pick her up and we were going to a coffee shop. Coffee House 5. They have great coffee plus the proceeds go to five different community resources to help families. They are couseling services and aid for children. The coffee house is staffed by volunteers and I certainly appreciate what they are doing. They even have a worship service there on Sunday. The coffee is wonderful! We went, but it was raining the entire time and when we were ready to leave, the rain was simply coming down in buckets.

Our plans to go do some window shopping were quickly shattered as it continued to simply pour rain. I took her home and we planned another day soon with more coffee and some shopping. I will look forward to it. I will see her again on Saturday as we have our monthly get together with friends from high school.

On Monday afternoon, the rain ended. I was glad of that as I was to meet my cousin from Texas that I had not seen in probably 15-20 years. UGH! How did that much time go by? Anyway, she has 2 beautiful children and a great man in her life and it was such a pleasure to see them and visit. How I wish we lived closer. She also got to meet the grand doll for the first time! We had a very nice visit and she is due back next month for a short visit, which will bring her to my house.

Tuesday, it rained! Yes again! The morning was spent at my in-laws, which live next door. My youngest daughter has a room there and it needed to be organized and so I did it with the help of my oldest. I will throw things away and it drives my mother in law crazy!  The afternoon brought a relief from the rain and my husband and I went to price stand up freezers. We are getting ready to get 2 pigs and a cow from the butcher and so we certainly need more room.  They were a little more expensive than I had thought but we may still purchase one. I need to do some rearranging of furniture in the dining room a bit, which might get done today.

Today is to be DRY! That is a word that we have heard little of the last few weeks so I think we will take it. I hate to complain about the rain as I know there are many places that are in desperate need of it, but I am looking forward to a dry day.

I hope wherever you are, the middle of your week is going well. I wish each of you a very happy day and I will leave you with some photo. I am just randomly going to pick one.


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