New Beginnings

Hello Friends! It is Monday and that brings a new week and many new beginnings for us. It offers us a new day and a new week to change what we are not happy with ourselves. It brings us a new chance to love those dear to us and to connect with those that are not near us that are dear to us. Set a goal this week to make one change in your life that will make someone else feel special.

Each day, I find that my grand doll and I are busy and in the home attempting to learn new things and I try to keep her occupied because she is into everything. I am not good at that but I enjoy the time I am with her, even if I am constantly cleaning up behind her. The weather has been very hot and humid here and so we have not been out much, but the weather has changed and so I made a decision that we are going to be out and about more now. Today, our plans will include a trip to town as I have some errands to run, a trip to a kids store that I hope to buy her some shoes at , and maybe even a trip to a new local coffee/ ice cream shop where she and I can have a treat. I also plan for her to play outside for a long while today.

I also have my plan set to contact with my best friend that lives in another state. I will call her today and I will also be mailing her a nice handmade card that just lets her know that I am thinking of her. How long has it been since you have received a card in the mail? Do you know a friend that would enjoy one? If so, make that your goal this week! New Beginnings could be a phone call to a long time friend that you have not talked to in awhile, a card or letter to a friend, a nice visit to someone, maybe just a simple smile and HI to the neighbor.

Little things matter and you might just be the only chance someone has at someone being nice to them today. Make the best effort that you can! The world needs some changes and this could be the perfect day to begin that change! #NewBeginnings


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