Weekend GetAWay

This past weekend my husband took the grand doll and I on a road trip. Let me tell you, it was a road trip and that was about all I was able to see. He decided that he wanted to take the baby to The Smoky Mountains and he did, but we were literally there long enough to take a picture of her at the sign and that was about it.

We left home about 6 hours later than we intended too. I was irritated as he knew that I wanted to go early. He was determined that he was going to drive the full trip that night and I was determined that we were not. It is about a 6 hour drive, so it would have been midnight before we checked into a hotel, if we could have gotten a room. Plus, with the grand doll, I knew that if she slept in the car for 6 hours, she would be awake all night and I would get zero sleep.

We finally decided to drive about 3 1/2 hours and stop for the night. We were able to find a decent hotel that was perfect for sleeping. After a good night's sleep and a decent breakfast for doll and I, we were on the road again. Drove the rest of the way to our destination of Pigeon Forge, TN and I was ready to exit the car and enjoy the time there.

We had discussed that we wanted a hotel near town, but one that had a decent room and an indoor pool. Suddenly, my husband is pulling into any hotel near the strip and asking about rooms. He found that many were full for the weekend. Finally, he pulls into a Red Roof Inn and finds a room with a king bed and asks me to go in and register. As I walk in, I am asking him about if they serve breakfast and if they have a crib, but he does not know. I said "well, I would have liked to have looked on my phone before we got the room.". That instantly made him mad and he would not stay at all.

After we visited one shop, ate lunch and took her picture at the sign to the entrance of the Smoky Mountains, he was ready to leave and head home. I was absolutely astonished! I tried to explain that the room would have been fine but I truly did not want to sleep with the baby in our bed and that I just needed to know if I needed to find a grocery for breakfast for her. He did not listen!

After another 2 hours on the road, we finally pulled off the road and stayed in a nice Hampton Inn with an indoor pool. Within 30 minutes of checking in, we decided to swim. The pool was closed for maintenance! WHAT!!!!! I suddenly decided that I was done with the whole trip, as it certainly had not been relaxing. Upon asking how long it would be closed, we found out that someone had cut their foot and it might be closed the entire evening, which it was.

I found a few minutes to read my book and was able to get a good sleep before we headed home on Sunday!


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