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As I have spoke of many times, my home is small and there are too many living here. 5 people in a 3 bedroom home that is less than 1100 square feet in size is crowded. I try many ways to keep things organized and decorated nicely, but sometimes it seems to fail. I have been thinking of making some changes to many of the rooms and I have been looking for ways to organize more as well.

Last week, I went to a couple of antique stores and shops that sell primitive décor and other neat items with a friend. I really did not have much money to spend, but decided that I would purchase a few small items if I found anything that would work with the ideas I have. I am thankful to say that I found a few items and spend less than $20.

This sign is beside my sink in the kitchen. The colors work well with my kitchen and since we have horses, I try to include them in each room. My kitchen will be decorated with milk bottles and cans soon as I am paying honor to my grandfather, who was a milkman for many years. I still love this sign and it will stay by the sink.

I found these curtains and decided that I was going to buy them for the kitchen for now. I love the coffee theme and I think that these are such great material and fit good in my country home.
This is the window above my sink and I decided that since it is the only window in the kitchen, I could use them there for now. I will change them at some point, but I am enjoying them now.

Organizing takes time and it is currently, time that I truly don't have. My grand doll is with me for four days as my daughter takes a small trip with her sister. I decided that it would be small projects and was recently reminded by reading another blog that the junk drawer is an issue. Here are my before and after photos.
Before- a cluttered mess

After - more organized and I used two small snowmen loaf pans that someone gave me and I really had NO idea what to do with.

I was also able to organize the shelves under my kitchen island top today. I did not get photos of it, but believe me when I say that it looks better and is more functional now.

May God Bless Each Of You Today in whatever you choose to do. I need to play with the grand doll and pack for the weekend as my husband has a small trip planned for us.


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